After more than forty years in Prison and Mental Hospitals do you believe that Ian Brady should now be released? If you think the answer is yes please leave a short comment to that affect in the comments section.

                                         If you feel that he should stay in prison simply state no in the comments section. Please print your web address or home page. If you don’t have one your city or town will be sufficient. Check out my other Ian Brady related posts.

135 Responses to “Ian Brady Moors Murder Online Petition”

  1. Paula Badger Says:

    Yes, I think he should be released. I think he should be exported to Scotland and left to be in an old folks home as he has served his time has he not? But due to the hatred he will not be let out as he is a Scot and many who bedded Myra who wore a uniform are fearful of his mouth. It is now 43 years since Keith died and I have not given up, he must find a way to disclose the vital cover of Keiths grave as it is near John as he knows and he knows I am there having flown in from Portugal only yesterday.

  2. Brady himself refuses to be released from prison, and who are we to argue with that? Let him rot in jail, as he let others rot in their graves.

    No sympathy, no mercy, no assistance would I ever give him. What he did was beyond forgiveness.Had he stopped at murdering one child, I would still feel the same way. He murdered a known FIVE young people!! Innocents who had done him no harm!

    I wish I believed in Hell, because I would pray for him to go there, but I don’t. He got off lightly- 3 meals a day, medical attention, etc etc. And his victims’ families? A lifetime of Hell.

    Let him rot!

  3. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Most people would agree with you but all he did was kill 5 kids. The Catholic Church and Islam have killed millions and yet it’s members are free to walk the streets in spite of the fact that they would do the same tomorrow if they could get away with it.But like I say , most would agree with you…

  4. AHolmes Says:

    Seeing as Ian Brady has himself stated that he does not wish to be released, I see little point in arguing otherwise…however I would personally support his release from prision if that were what he wanted. I believe that forty years incarceration is time enough. I feel that if it weren’t for the fact that his victims were children, then he would’ve been released from prison long ago.

  5. mysha mcdoanld Says:

    i think the swine should rot in hell, the only good thing he could do now is to give keith”s mother his remains back so she can bury her son. and get closure for her and her family so they have a grave to visit.that would be the only thing that would make her life complete now. and i think he should do that one last thing, as he took her son away he should give him back to her.
    then the the bugger starve himself to death

  6. Andrew Says:


    Strange how the media highlight this case (and both perpetrators) to personify EVIL. There has been worse evil in the world. Here in Ireland a member of a religious order who buggered and sodomised children in Ferryhouse and probably other places was sentenced to 36 years in jail but he was out in two.

    Let Brady rot in jail.

    • Scottishlass Says:

      I dont think there is any true justice when things as you describe happen and the assailants are free in a few years, but is it justice that the rest of us have to work relentlessly to maintain + support the lives of those who commit such horrifically traumatising & degrading acts particularly against those who cannot in any way defend themselves or fight back, whilst they are fed, clothed, given education opportunities that half the General Public have no access or time to take up. I only earn about £5k a year and I STILL get charged £1200pa Council Tax. The Govt also expects me to pay N.I. whilst fuel companies send me 16 letters and they STILL can’t determine which fu*king meter they’re suposed to be reading if they take over my account from NPower who were paid £150 to clear an Elec account, balance to go towards Gas, and they STILL sent me a balance to pay on Electric when the full bill was only £110.
      HOW DO WE MANAGE TO SURVIVE WHEN THE UK IS BEING ADMINISTRATED & RUN BY CRIMINALLY MINDED RETARDS? It’s not the ones in prison we should be worried about, it’s the ones in charge of the country you need to watch your back over.

    • Haleema Nasir Says:

      Yes, there are worse crimes that have been committed and the person responsible have been let off lightly, but Brady wishes to stay imprisoned, and even if he did wish to come out I don’t think the public would be too happy. He raped and murdered innocent children. Everyone was affected by it. The children’s family, friends, police, the public.

      I think it’s what Ian and Myra did to Lesley Anne Downey that makes everybody see them as monsters, her case was probably the most known because of the video tape and the pictures they took of her while Ian raped her.

  7. Roberta Says:

    I have just read Brady’s book and I find him a highly intelligent man, though he committed horrible crimes. Brady himself does not wish to be released from prison, but I do think we should respect his desire to end his own life. Every human being deserves to die in dignity. And he is a human being regardless of what he did.

    • Sean Says:

      “we should respect his desire to end his own life. Every human being deserves to die in dignity”. Er… Are you mentally ill? I suppose Brady & Hindley’s victims died “in dignity” did they? Brady doesn’t deserve ANY respect or dignity. It’s ‘do-gooders’ like you who blabber on about the ‘rights’ of these scum, whilst ignoring what they did to their victims. Why not go and share his cell? You can stroke his head and tell him how much you care about him? You could even let him rape you as that what he likes. (Mind you – if you’re over 12yr old you’re probably not his type)

      • Haleema Nasir Says:

        I agree with you. He should suffer in prison after what he did to those children.

        Those children didn’t deserve to die at all and they died in gruesome way, being raped then murdered and dumped on a moor, only to be found God knows how many years later. Ian should suffer in jail for what he has done.

  8. maffboy Says:

    If the sorry motherfucker comes out. He hopefully would be put to death by citizens justice. A perverted child molester (killer) should be made made to face the parents court. A nice sentance DEATH BY STONE.

    • ally Says:

      i totaly agree he is a sick pervernted man who not only gave up at one child he killed plenty more he new what he was doing i dont feel sorry for him one bit i feel sorry for the familys who went throught that horrific time he is not human he is evil throught and throught and he does not deserve simpathy he doesnt wanna come out because he is a coward and is scard what people ull du to him. but i think also that he should be kept alive because letting him dye is the easy way out for him beacuse he cant cope with what he did and probley have to live with it every day let him live with what he has done!!!!!!!!

  9. sillyoldtwit Says:


    No doubt if he had been a military man or politician and killed thousands of children you would have no problem with that…..

  10. anonymous Says:

    no he shouldn’t be released and he shouldnt be put in prison. Put the death sentence on him. He assaulted so many children, some were even killed. If hes going to take away there lives then we can take away his.

  11. Tuppers Says:

    I think Brady has served his dues. He’s 70 now and harmless, pathetic even. Of course if I was the mother of one of his victims I’d want to rip his heart out, but luckily I’m not. Looking at it objectively, I think society has had its pound of flesh.

  12. Jeremy Says:

    I believe in life for a life. He should have hanged for what he did. The victims are not living now are they so why should he. If he were to ever be released and I were to see him on the streets I would make sure he hangs himself otherwise I will be the hangman.

  13. Ian Brady, who has been in prison for over 30 years for murdering three children, last week lost his fight to stop doctors force feeding him through a nasogastric tube, when a High Court judge ruled that their decision to do so was “lawful, rational, and fair.”
    Brady, who is detained in Ashworth special hospital near Liverpool, was probably “playing the system” in undertaking his hunger strike, said Mr Justice Kay at the High Court in Liverpool.

    The judge accepted the view of James Collins, consultant forensic psychiatrist at the hospital, that Brady’s refusal to eat was “a florid example of hispsychopathology in action.”Dr Collins described Brady as psychopathic and prone to narcissism, egocentricity, histrionics, obsessionality, need for control, paranoia, litigiousness, lack of remorse, and lack of empathy.

    In the past he had referred to receiving a “massive psychological boost” from earlier hunger strikes, which he saw as “a battle of wills.”

    Brady started his hunger strike last October after he was moved without warning from one ward in Ashworth to another, by a six man control and restraint team in balaclava helmets and full riot gear. His right arm was fractured in the move.

    Under English law, a patient who is competent to take decisions may not be treated—including by artificial feeding—against his or her will. The exception is patients covered by the Mental Health Act 1983, who may be treated against their will even if they are competent—but only if the treatment is for their mental disorder.

    The judge held that the force feeding was treatment for Brady’s mental disorder. But even if the act had not applied, he was satisfied that Brady was incompetent, and therefore doctors could lawfully feed him in his best interests.

    As a result of his severe personality disorder, said the judge, Brady had eschewed the weighing up of information and the balancing of risks and needs. So doctors were legally empowered to supply medical treatment in his best interests.

    Brady, aged 62, who attended the hearing but did not give evidence, was making his first court appearance since 1966, when he was convicted of the murder of three children, two of them with his accomplice, Myra Hindley.

    The judge said that he was not satisfied that Brady had at any time expressed a clear wish to die. He made no ruling on a hospital authority’s duty or power to prevent suicide.

    The judge refused Brady leave to appeal.


    Articles from BMJ : British Medical Journal are provided here courtesy of
    BMJ Publishing Group
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    NCBI | U.S. National Library of Medicine
    NIH | Department of Health and Human Services
    Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Freedom of Information Act

    I concurr with these symptoms he has expressed in his verbal and in discourse – that is spoken dialogue for the laymen and entertainers who seek him.

  14. L H thompson Says:

    I think Mr Brady should Be live out his days where ever he wants to, Wether it be prison or the outside! I for one detest this Man! And Also Myra for what they did. The fact that This Evil creature still shows no remorse for his crimes! Id sooner drag Him up to the moors by the scruff of his Neck and Make him spend A night on them And see how he feels then! I hope all the children’s Laughter haunts Him when He sleeps!The fact he does Not just show the police where the body/or Indeed Bodies Are because for all we know there could be more? He should Just lead them to the remains of keith it is unfair! Its gone on far to long now!let the family and Indeed the poor child rest, I find it truly disgusting nothing is Being done about this, why should he have a life when He clearly shows no remorse the government are too keen to protect child killers And any killers for that matter!I say Release him And I will drag him up to them moors Myself And Make the swine dig with his bare hands If necessary! And I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way! I feel so sorry for keiths mother she lost her child to them fiends who admitted to his Murder and admitted in great detail I might add, And still to this day His remains Lay On the moors! I wish the worst for Ian Brady! The very worst that One can Imagine! He does Not deserve to breath the same Air In which We do.

  15. Jack1000 Says:

    “Someone else had Brady’s record and he read out a transcript of one of the tapes they had found in his home. It was of a little girl whose fingers he was cutting off with garden shears because she wouldn’t go down on him. Everyone went a deathly quiet; my viscera writhed in nausea. The little girl was appealing to Brady’s girlfriend , Myra Hindley and asking her to save her from Brady. The Office went very quiet, the high spirits damepened by the cold, clammy presence of evil”

    John McVicar – 1960′s Durham Prison Riot – McVicar by Himself pages 67 & 68.

  16. Jack1000 Says:

    Brady will never be released from his hogh security hospital cell and nor should he. Brady should be force fed and kept alive as long as possible in order to prolong his suffering.

  17. jemma hunt Says:

    yeah Brady should be realised
    just because he murders doesnt meen that he could be a good person now does it?
    if he wants to go then let him!

    • Haleema Nasir Says:

      He murdered 5 innocent children, so no, that does not make him a good person.

      And THAT is why they shouldn’t release him. Even though he’s 70 or something now and will never be released, if he was, do you want him to take a shot at murdering more innocent kids?

  18. dopeman73 Says:

    i dont think he should life should mean life

  19. Lisalasvegas Says:

    Interesting article here I saw a movie about this .Seems she had no remorse but anyway so much time has gone by for the poor parents no closure will ever happen.But then again what is closure.We have a big news here about a little girl missing for 3 months what ever happened to Caylee all the mother does is lie lie lie.Her story changed more then a dozen times

  20. Liv Says:

    It’s been interesting to read the differing opinions people have. The truths and facts as they stand and have been variously pointed out nevertheless remain. Yes, he is a human being. A human being with rights, though limited, who killed at least 5 other human beings, without regard for their lives and pleas for their lives. He is in jail for these crimes. He may be intelligent,but he is also disturbed. He may be 70, but he got to live to 70,by choice or not. His victims were denied that privilege. The right to live, get married, have families, careers, grow old. One of those victims was not only denied those things, but his body was never even found, and so in death he was denied, unlike the other four, another right. Burial, and a final resting place. His family have not been able to bury him, pay their respects, and find closure of some sort. His mother ( and other family) will die having never been afforded this peace of mind. This final simple wish and RIGHT. This is part of the ongoing very real horror of crime. For it doesn’t simply end with murder, a trial and a jail sentence. Not for Keith Bennett or his family. For them, it doesn’t end until he is either found and buried, and/or Ian Brady dies. Whether he dies in prison or not. Should he be released? No. His victims can’t be released from death can they? He may not be a danger to society, but society would be a danger to him. The man himself has stated no desire to be released. Only to die. His victims were were denied their right to life, and Ian Brady should be refused his wish to die. I say wish, because he has no ‘right’ to be allowed his death. Why does he want to die? Because he has had enough? Finally, unless and until either he does die, and or Keith Bennett is found and laid to rest, perhaps Ian Brady should be put to (public and media) rest. This would be right and proper final justice. The rest is detail. His story is history.

  21. Clare Says:

    I believe he should be released, I have read many books about him and i know his crimes were revolting but life never means life and i do not think he would pose a great threat to society now, he is old and has mental health issues i feel a hospital(not prison) would be sufficient for him.

    I do think that he should help further with trying to find K.B but he has said that the moors have changed.

  22. Francis Says:

    Here is the man you all hate.

    See how he is then and how he is now. The arm on her back, the dress of cotton from C & A where a nightwatchman was butchered in the 50′s, beaten to a pulp. Ian was not there, he’s never there.

    That view taken is of his own portrait as he makes himself.

    Imagine Burton’s tailored suits off Chester Road in Stretford. Then image if he had never met Myra, yes he should be released to a care home for dementia. What threat does he pose to society. He will not hang himself as pain is the worst thing this man thinks of inflicted on himself.

    The best result would be to release him to the confines of a care home, something he is terrified of. Coming out into the world of pain and those who would end it for him. He will die in bed. He is near death some say.

    Is it true and can we add revenge when he is such a deluded soul. Look again at the man in the photo and her, the monster. Look at the woman called a ‘girl’.

    Can anyone see that girl that is the weaker sex and one who did not do the main role of the killing. The bushes are familiar and the grasses as their own nest where the blankets lay. Such clothing would not be worn in the locations in the many books, yet it is Saddleworth.

    Saints and sinners come to this place and Ian has perhaps the other photo of this place in the ‘cell’ that police want. It is the other side of the dense foliage and trees and why the image was taken on a tripod on a stone.

    Let Ian die and no more sensationalism. He is dead in mind anyway.

  23. Francis Says:

    Thank you.

    I found this on Caylee.

    Please can you add a column for her.

  24. Yes, I think he should be released. Has he not served his time and suffered by now?
    Does anybody know where I could get in touch with Duncan Staff? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone with any information could let me know. Thank you.

  25. james Says:

    Let the bastard rot, he deserves not one shred of sympathy

  26. lisa Says:

    Diffently not he took the lives of those innocent children, he raped, strangled and murdered them for his own sick pleasure!, life means life, AN EYE FOR AN EYE!!! he took their lives now its time for his life to rot!!!!!!
    Just like those children!!

  27. AHolmes Says:

    An eye for an eye eh!? Nice to see the majority of the general public haven’t lost their mob mentality. Lisa, ever taken a moment to consider the fact that all these years he has spent in prison have done far more emotional and psychological damage than a few weeks waiting to take his place at the hangman’s gallows? If his neck had broken, it would have been over for him in seconds…maybe a little longer if he had strangled to death. Over thirty years locked away…life passing you by…I think I can safely point to which Ian would have prefer.

  28. ashleigh wale Says:

    ok so everyone knows he’s a murderer and nothing will ever change what he did to those poor innocent children. think about it though over 30 years in prison rotting away helpless. people do change you know. hes an old man now in hes 70 and i think truly sorry for what he did. he says that he wants to stay in prison and serve his sentence but i actually think he has. they should at least give him a chose on wether he is realsed or not. even if i am wrong and are being stupid and not seeing what others are but, he has been charged with a mental problem no matter how he tries to stop him self if hes going to do it hes going to do it. i think they should let him out and just give him an easy time like i said before yeah hes a murder, but hes also an old man who deserves a life. i really do beleive hes has spent all the time in prison that he needs.

    • Bam Says:

      If he was really sorry for what he did he would give the police details on where keith bennett is, all this old rotting waste of space wants is to be more infamous than he already is and if he dies and doesnt give the whereabouts then that is exactly what will happen he will forever be in everyones memory and that poor boy and his family will never have peace.I would personally be happy if this monster sat in his own excrement for the rest of his days in a care home but i dont even think he deserves that free air is too good for him.

  29. ellen dalton Says:

    I believe if he for once comes compleatly clean and tells the truth about the murders, his true motivations, reveals the site of that little lad’s grave, and disappears into oblivion without getting a penny from the state, seeing that he has only been a burden on it since these crimes, then I would say yes. But he should be hooked up to a polygraph when “confessing” and agree to go back to solitary confinement if caught lying before even considering it. He should also be electronically tagged for the rest of his wreched life as somebody with his narcissistic personality will never do anything that is not self serving. I do not believe that a personality disorder such as his can ever be cured or improved. All he has learned in jail is how to manipulate people and the system better. And he has a life where he is, a library at his disposal, hasn’t had to do a day’s work in 40 years and been allowed the privilege of publishing a book, again believing himself an “expert”. How arrogant!

  30. Damian Lawson Says:

    yes i think ian brady should be condidered for release now, he has spent over forty years in prison now, the trail judge gave a tarriff of forty years which meant he was elgiable to apply for parole in 2005, but because there are so many people in this country whom understanbly hate him this will never be allowed to happen,

  31. Damian Lawson Says:

    also bearing in mind he is also willing to help police locate keith bennetts body, but they are not interested, because in 1985 he was diagnosed with a mental personality disorder, yes it is wrong what he has done but also myra hindley should not be forgotten in all this

  32. iain noble Says:

    plain and simple, NO! the man should have hung by his neck! his life was so boring, he had to turn to perversion for ‘his kicks’ hed be a liability outside!

  33. Pauline-Anne Badger MSc Science Says:

    He was considered for parole whilst in prison but Myra put paid to that with her demands. Ian Brady is not Ian Duncan Stewart and there is the difference, the myth. He was placed in the mental health system as a ruse and it backfired on him. He is not a psychopath in the common terms if you read and take O Hare checklist. He is a fantasist and a voyeur and still is. He told me he could not find Keith Bennett and his lawyer confirmed it in a statement on the phone to me last year in August that he did not bury him.
    Now if that is true, then he did not bury any of the others.

    He has submitted this fantasy to be important as Ian Brady. Of course those who think they are reincarnated from Keith and use even his birthday as their own and those who read books see this as a fame opportunity as in Egyptian mythology.

    Ian Duncan Stewart is the man I correspond with and note that those who knew him before this incarceration and detention when in prison see the real Stewart. One that if Myra of Gorton had not forged an alliance with socially upward goons would have allowed this black and white silent film fanatic to return invisible to Glasqow. Instead he is a myth made by newspapers.

    My 100 percent pass on the course by Brent Turvey on Criminal Psychopathy and the induction instead of deductive Sherlock method has led me to understand better there is no difference in white collar psychopaths and those of the criminal order. One is legal and the other is not until there is outcry.

    My message is to let Ian Duncan Stewart die in a safe and sanitary unit outside the mental health act. His infamy is because the lad who wanted winkle pickers on his approaching entry into teens the next year died and he relayed to Fred Harrison erroneously that he was a victim. He should not have.

    Most of his stories I have checked and he is not culpable and proved to be fantasist on those cases he takes as his own. Far worse have come and gone, remember Shipman and West. They did not brag, for they were the ‘real deal. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley should both have hanged by the neck at that time till dead. Why? Because they wanted it. Natural Born Killers who become legends.

  34. Pauline-Anne Badger MSc Science Says:

    Ian liked my last post.

    • Louise Says:

      I didn’t realise he had internet access, Pauline.

      • Jackie Says:

        Hi Louise,

        Indeed he hasen’t, his computer was taken away from him and all other patients at Ashworth in a Security upgrade.

        Specifically Brady was making a nuisance of himself emailing all and sundry about his conditions at Ashworth.

  35. DavidR Says:

    “And he is a human being regardless of what he did.”

    Oh, such genius…

    And what, exactly, does your brilliant sentence MEAN?

    He is a human being. Yes, we all know that. So what?

    Is he a victim, in your (insane) eyes? Can’t you accept reality – that there are evil people on this Earth? Obviously not.

  36. Ruth Says:

    Ian Brady and his accomplice committed such repulsive crimes on vulnerable children that I do believe he should stay in prison for life.

    However, I think that other terrible murderers should also be kept in for life so justice is done. If you take a life in such a dreadful, evil way you must pay with your liberty taken away.

    I think brady was and is a very sick individual who obviously found the darker side of life fullfilled his needs.

    I’ts a sad fact that fate had a hand in bringing two very disturbed people together which led to devastating consequences.

  37. somethin4good Says:

    So it is OK for millions of pounds to be spent on the killers of Jamie Bulger then as they were from a class of sadistic families?

    Myra Hindley is the one that is cast as the fallen Madonna and yet to hear her that is the least she is.

    Having had my letter rejected as it contained the coin I wonder is it because I asked him to lead me to the body. Is this censorship, and why did Topping in 1987 deny Brady the other route and focus on a region alien to Brady till all time was out. Why did they dismiss locals who told of Brady on a location?

    Why is Ian Brady a scapegoat, what is in the grave that is so destructive that Ian knows of? All you have read is of a fantasist that creates fiction and if you ever read Fred Harrison you would see that the story of what Ian is said to do is fiction. He was not the Great Train Robber his psyche is saying he was and not a gang leader. He is a sexually abused child who went the fantasy route and I have the very evidence that supports this so dispute it all you want. I am not going to bow down from this.

    Ian was sexually abused as a child, fact. He never did armed robbery and never led gangs. How do I know? I have access to resources as a scientist that I keep as confidential matter. In the end it will all come out. The whole lot of dirty washing as a Boaring episode as Pat Cairns knows.

    • As a hypnotherapist I honestly belive Ian Brady was sexually abused as a child.Who did that to him I ask? Also some one must know who his true father was and this man should have been put in prison for leaving his Mother in a slum with no money.
      Of course what he did was evil and he should be made to live a long life and not end it like he wants.
      However the person or people who abused him as a child should also have been jailed.They are responsible for turning him into a killer.
      I would love to know the whole truth about Brady but I suppose we never will.
      Sexual abuse splits the mind and personality.Someone is hiding dark secrets on this man and that im sure of.

  38. Louise Says:

    If Ian wants to remain where he is, let him.

  39. Scottishlass Says:

    I don’t think Keith Bennet is dead.
    Brady supposedly had some sort of vision when he was in Shawlands; late 50s? I currenly live within a mile of there; Co-incidentally in 1987-90 I lived in Manchester; I got a real shock when one day I had the first of many “visions” (or flashbacks?) which I now believe to be connected to the Moors Murders. Two years I met a woman whom it turns out appears to be a close descendant/relative of Myra Hindley. It occurs to me that it was no co-incidence that we visited 3-4 different pubs/clubs in town +separately headed over to a nightclub in town called Bennetts from which she literally vanished before I got there Even more bizarre is that it seems she+I are blood-related. There are photos in the Lost Boy book by Duncan Staff which show people who are virtually identical to members of my family. It gave me quite a shock. It may explain why I felt drawn to the stranger when I met her. The eyes are unmistakable.

    The ‘visions’ in Manchester involved me being pushed into a body of water with low lying hills +no trees in the background. There were a LOT of people in the water (NB all happy!) but I couldnt see them until I too was shoved in from behind. 18mths ago I took an inexplicable panic, I suddenly had this distressing sense of “they’re going to abduct & bury me”. I left my house, travelled 200miles, and had the SENSE that I “couldnt ever return home”. Having taken no drugs alcohol of any kind, I couldnt even begin to explain my bizarrely panicked state of mind. It took a LOT for me to go home. I was inexplicably terrified. It occurs to me that there was a reason why the photo of Bennetts grave was uncharacteristically out of focus. What rattled perfectionist photographer Brady SO much that he fu*ked up his precious grave photo? I think he turned round in the darkness and his victim was gone. I think he shat himself and wouldnt admit it to Hindley, that he’d definitively fouled up his perfect murder and he has been playing a sick game with everyone since then as that’s all he has left to keep his psychotic self amused while he rots in prison. I think if you check what Winnie Johnson looked like aged 40-50 when her features would be clearest and if she had published those images of herself (+made herself CONTACTABLE) a man somewhere of the right age who probably knows that he was adopted/brought up in Social Care, might start to realise why he can’t remember anything of his early childhood. The minute I saw Winnie Johnson’s photo online I thought, Good God that looks EXACTLY like JXXX YYYYYYYY..but how do you make an enquiry about someone’s private life that could lead to a man being horribly traumatised if a horrific memory he’s protected himself for 40yrs suddenly came flooding back? If I was 12 & someone did to me what Brady presumably did to Bennett, I’d be fu*king scared to *ever* go home again too! THINK ABOUT IT.

    More recently I have experienced a further series of seemingly related “visions”. I was electrocuted, then aggressively shaken/strangled, I saw a large needle being put into my left eye, my right arm was lifted then dropped as if to check I was unconscious or dead, & finally I heard a single gunshot. For about a week I could hear ambulances/Police sirens ALL the time. But there were no vehicles in sight.
    The curious thing about this experience was that during it, my heart stopped, and then re-started.

    If you’re looking for someone who you think is alive stop behaving as though you’re passively waiting for a wee boy to reappear. It’s the MAN you are looking for, a man who likely looks like you, or his father.
    To Winnie; Please, do the obvious and post photos online of what you/his father looked like at the age Keith would be now, and make yourselves CONTACTABLE. And if you have any reason to think that as an adult Keith would take up Crown Bowls, check the photos of past UK/Scottish Bowls Champions aged 40-50.

  40. Louise Says:

    Scottishlass, I know you’re sincere, and what you say is fascinating. However, personally I’m not convinced that Keith’s still alive; neither do I believe that *if* he escaped from Brady’s clutches he’d be too scared to ever go home again after what had happened to him (assuming Keith *could* actually make his way safely home off the moors in the dark, given the state he’d be in, without getting lost/dying out there of exposure). Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d’ve thought Keith would be *desperate* to get home to his mum and dad.

    However, I’m sure people will disagree with me and tell me I’m wrong! *vbg*

  41. Jackie Says:

    Hi Louise,

    In cases like these ones, notorious as they are, act like beacons to all sorts of theories, beliefs and opinions; I think the truth is usually far simpler; this was two disturbed individuals who made the conscious choice to act in this appalling fashion.

    Unfortunatly the victims in these cases can sometimes become ‘fetishized’, much like Bundys victims were; I think our reactions to this disgusting pair says more about us than it ever will about Brady/Hindley. And I hold my hands up like all the rest.

    • Louise Says:

      Hi again Jackie,

      Oh yes, I agree; there are, and always will be, no doubt, particular crimes and cases which will always draw a wide range of interested parties, with equally as many theories – as with the Jack the Ripper case, everyone has their own. The suggestion that the Brady/Hindley murders had links with “witchcraft” is a new one on me, for instance, but it’s curious that similar claims are now being made about the Fred & Rose West case. Not sure I’m buying that one either, but…

      Good point re the fetishisation of victims, too – and I for one do feel that Pauline Reade and Edward Evans tend to be overlooked in discussions of the Moors victims.

      As for finding the young Ian Brady attractive… Yes, it’s highly unsettling (You can hear the reactions from many people now: “B-but it’s Ian Brady, for god’s sake!” *wry grin*), but the fact is that he *was* a good-looking man: what makes it so “wrong” is who he is. And yet I wonder, too, if that’s at all connected with how normal Brady and Hindley look; I think people expected them to look like monsters with extra heads, etc, and then were shocked that they were just so *ordinary*, looking like someone you’d pass on the street.

      Anyway, gone on too long now – it’s late, and I shouldn’t’ve had that last mug of coffee!! :¬}

  42. Jackie Says:

    Hi there Louise,

    Yes you are right, people feel easier being presented with Henry Lee Lucas and his partner in crime the repulsive Otis Toole; when Bundy was found the be the killer of all these girls the police reportedly sighed with relief, at last they could put him on show as a warning to the public that you have to be wary of anyone, not just the weird looking members of society; the message just wasen’t getting through before.

    Regarding the fetishization, there are whole threads devoted to Janice Ott and Georgianne Hawkins, two of Bundys victims in 1974, which had started out as an armchair detective type thread, police work in the 70′s, and so on, before it degenerated, at first it was ok, no problem with being interested in the dark, but this was something else!

    My partner Ade is even wary of my interest in this subject, yet he likes to watch really gory Zombie films and the undead type of thing, which bore me, but this is too real for him.

    Hindley was marked out from the beginning as a she-devil, erasing Brady from the picture, to his advantage, in my view, but the only reason he wants to stay where he is is because for 1, he knows he would be killed if let out, and 2 they wouldn’t allow him to go abroad; he once said he would take up the offer of release if sent to another country. So all this talk of ‘accepting’ his release is baloney, he is not the lesser of the two.

    I also don’t really buy into the Witchcraft thing, in the West case there was even talk of well known people coming to ‘enjoy’ the victims that Fred had procured for them, but that’s clearly rubbish.

    Nice to chat Louise, and hope to talk again.

  43. Lucy Says:

    Jackie wrote: “Specifically Brady was making a nuisance of himself emailing all and sundry about his conditions at Ashworth.”

    Now why doesn’t that surprise me?! Probably took to online activities like a duck to water.

  44. Jackie Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Can’t you just see him tapping away into the wee small hours…

  45. Jackie Says:

    Know what you mean Louise, I was very surprised they were allowed Internet Access at all!

  46. debbie Says:

    i don’t think brady should ever be released, the families of his and hindley’s victims should be able to rest easy knowing that he will never again be free. winnie johnson especially has served a much harsher life sentence than either of these two attrocious individuals. myra hindley took the secret of where he is buried to her grave and it is looking more likely that brady will do the same. if anybody deserves to be set free then it must be winnie johnson she needs to know where her beloved boy is so she can finally lay him to rest and know some peace in her heart.

  47. rad Says:

    Brady, if he wanted, could tell you exactly where keith is buried. This guy is no mug. Not finding the boy gives him power to re live what he did. Read the Lost Boy. Brady was desperate for Hindley to send him their photo’s when they went to the moors. Many many people felt compassion for Hindley (she received many hundreds of xmas and birthday cards) How many feel compassion for Brady? Brady will never be released that is the only fact that counts and you all know it. I only pray that one day they will find poor keith and return him to his loving family.

  48. Gary Says:

    Brady should never be released, there are certain crimes that are so evil that no matter if someone has reformed or repented they in my eyes have forfeited the right to live in society, have recently read Duncan Staff’s book “The lost boy” and can feel no compassion for Brady at all, a total psycopath with no feelings of empathy for his victims, quite capable of killing a victim then taking photos of them lying in a grave then going home and watching the telly without a care in the world.I have a degree of compassion for Hindley, though not much,it was her bad luck that she ran into Brady at a time in her life when she was easily led and influenced, this and her own home background where domestic violence was the norm led on to eventually becoming immune to the suffering of others.The death penalty was the right decision for both of them which would have saved the taxpayer a fortune.
    Both of them were so evil that they abducted Lesley Anne Downey from a fair on Boxing day took her away from her family then recorded her being brutalised and screaming for her mum.
    For people like that i fear there can be no redemption or forgiveness, also remember that Hindley let 20 years go past in prison before she finally admitted there were more kids buried on the moors

  49. james young Says:

    Ian Brady has been in prison/special hospital for nearly 45 years. Everyone wants him to say where Keith Bennett is buried, but could he find the place after 45 years? I hope that one day, with scientific advances, his body can be found,and atleast then his family can hold a funeral service.

  50. Marina_Ukraine Says:

    Hello from Ukraine !

    I know about his crimes.

    As for me, no, he should NOT be let go as the free man, the children he murdered were not given the chance to be set free by him and Hindley, why he get such chance then ?

    If he comitted such crimes in much USA states, he would be in exact same place by now that he sent those poor children, in he ground, where he should be !

    My view anyway.



  51. Kiran Says:

    How dare he take innocent lives. I have no sympathy what so ever for this moster.He deserves to rot away in prison then hopefully we can all dance on his grave like he did when he killed those innocent poor children.

  52. Twinkle Says:

    NO he should not be released from prison, and we all know he wants to die so keep him alive that has to be a living hell for him. Remember he killed innocent children, he will never get out of prison he is a MONSTER

  53. j liddle Says:

    sick cunt no need at all why? Do that to them little kids fuck me i hope they both rott in hell! Fucking prick cum n av a bit a me all fucking sort u out ian

    • Sean Says:

      They ‘both’ won’t ‘rot in in Hell’, by the way. Hindley died of a chest infection a while back. (PS: Learn to spell – and don’t write in ‘text speak’ all of the time. It shows immaturity and a low intelligence…)

  54. V.S.S Says:

    No I do not think he should be let go at all. One must pay for thier consequences. How are we to believe that if we let this man go that he will not go back into killing innacent children. People like that should root themselves away in prison. He has stated that he is not crazy. So if he found pleasure in hurting why not let him learn to find a pleasure in his own missory.

  55. Samantha Says:

    I am too irritated to leave a comment either way. Apparently, if we agree with you Silly Old Twit, then we are free to say so and leave a comment. If we dare not to agree with you, then we are invited just to say ‘no’. No comments wanted. Funny that.

  56. john Says:

    Just a question for the do-gooders,lets say he is released and he was of an employable age,would you have him babysit your children?

    There,i guess i can hear your answer to that.
    Now you may want to rethink as to why being the do gooder that you are,that you feel a monster like this has”served” his time.
    5 Innocent children never got the chance to live,but hey he has done his time in jail and should be released,well thats ok then isnt it.

    If this beast had an ounce of good being in his body,he would help the mother of Keith Bennett find his body so she could give her son a burial,but no,he keeps her in pain and anguish.

    The do-gooders are all that is wrong with this country along with Liberty and the absurd human rights brigade.

    I hope the man rots in the most painful way imaginable.

  57. ally Says:

    wel i just cant belive that some people actaually think that he is sorry and served his time, bet the most ov the people that feel sorry for him dont evan have kides because if they did then they would no ow heartbroken and deverstated you would be if your childs life was snatched away with out a moments fort he planed every think he planed to take them kides, rape them and then kill them ow can any ov that be justified i dont no why???? every one is evan bothering to write down a few words for him beacuse he is not evan worth that the man doesnt evan deserved to be killed he just deseres to rot away never to be see again!!!!!!!!!

  58. zoey Says:

    i think he should rott and die in jail…then leave it up to god to take care of the rest…i do believe god wants us all to forgive however it is really hard and cant even imagine what id do if something ever happened to either of my children…i am a mother of two 2yrs and the other 7mnths…and i know damn well that if ian brady or myra hindely ever layed a hand on either one of them i would have murdered them myself…i am simply speaking as a mother…i cant even imagine how the mothers of the victims feel…because there is no love like a mothers so how can anyone say that ian brady deserves to be free…no one…ABSOLUTELY NO ONE! has the right to take away another mans life but god. and this maggot took away the lives of young innocent children. so his sentence should be served as it was given. LIFE IN PRISON. there should be no exceptions what so ever. like i said, god will take care of the rest. this question is just fucking ridiculous to even consider releasng him in the first place. he is a monster and locked up behind bars where he cannot harm anyone else is where this asshole desereves to be. if the parents of the victims want to forgive him then god bless them because god wants us to forgive but it is the hardest thing to do when someone has harmed your loved one. i am and have always been interested in the whole serial killer thing…its interesting and it just amazes me that these people think like this…they are usually extremely intelligent people but unfortunately use their intelligence for the wrong purpose. ive read alot about different serial killers and when i first learned about ian and myra i was shocked and sad…i got an instant sick feeling in my stomache and thought of my children…and what if those were my boys…i just couldnt believe it…these poor innocent little children had to suffer and die this way because of their sick fantasy that they couldnt control…as i read in a book somewhere, ian brady and myra hindely are some of the worlds most hated serial killers…so if this man were to be released do you not think that someone out there would hunt this man down…? finally, NO I DONT THINK THIS PEICE OF SHIT SHOULD BE RELEASED EVER!! LET HIM ROTT IN JAIL!

  59. zoey Says:

    zoey again…i forgot one thing…i hope that soon one day the body of keith will come home to his loving family so they can let him rest in peace and have a proper burial for him…his family needs closure…my prayers will be with his family and i hope they get the closure they need one day hopefully soon…

  60. Deborahjean Says:

    NO! >:/

  61. frank Says:

    kill him…doesn’t deserve to live. We should have tougher laws! Kill a child, Hang the next day. very simple.

  62. chris cowley Says:

    Hi people
    I have just published a book about Brady based on my recent interviews with him. I can correct a few things: He has never had internet access and never will, he used to have a word processor, but that was taken away by the Ashworth authorities when they found out he was sending damning descriptions of the conditions at the hospital all over the world. I do not know why they insist on calling it a hospital, it is a prison and the ‘nurses’ are in fact guards. He will never be released. He recieves no medical treatment for his crumbling spine, or his cataracts. They just basically lock him in his cell when he is not being force fed. Anyone who thinks he is enjoying a comfortable time there is a million miles off the mark. From personal experience visiting him there I can tell you that the place is a nightmarish place to be. Brady does have remorse but, as he admitted to me, that remorse seems to be predominantly about the mess he made of his own life with his terrible crimes, rather than for his victims or their relatives, or Hindley for that matter.
    Dr Chris Cowley

    • Erica gregory Says:

      Im still trying to contact you with evidence , please can you email me . E Gregory I have been trying since 20th November 2011, and you said you would respond. I need to speak to you thanks

  63. Sean Finlayson Says:

    Thanks for the up to date corrections, Dr Crowley. I am glad that Brady “receives no medical treatment for his crumbling spine, or his cataracts. They just basically lock him in his cell when he is not being force fed”. I hope he is writhing in agony and feels that he is living in Hell every day. I would suggest that harsh lights and loud noise be added every night when he tries to sleep. Torture should be part of this evil parasite’s routine, whilst every effort be made to keep him alive so he can be made to suffer more, and for longer. The do-gooders and naive, ignorant fuckwits who think “he’s served his time and he’s no harm to society now so they should let him out, blah, blah, blah…” could indeed have this monster come and babysit their children. Better still, as most do-gooders are a problem in society these days anyway, throw those fuckers in the cell with him and they can sit there stroking Brady’s greasy withered head, comforting him and telling him: “There, there, Ian. (Everyone else hates you), but I care about you. Because I’m a soft gullible prick, with no thought for your victims or their families…”

  64. R Says:

    What life would he have if he were released? It’s absurd to think he should be. Sean, it’s not just do-gooders who write to him it’s people with a wide range of differing opinions.

  65. Eve Says:

    I think he should be released. If someone commited these crimes now they would not spend as half as long in jail/hospital then he has. Its all been blown up by the meadia. The media destroys lives anyone remember what happened to Aileen Wurous? Media took that out of proportion. She was mentally ill and they killed her. If it wasn’t for the media filling the publics heads with nonsense he would be out by now.

  66. Eve Says:

    Also. Dr. Cowley I have read your book and have to say I was dissapointed. It was poorly written and the actual subject of Ian Brady seemed to only fill 3 pages worth of the book. 3/4 of that book was unnecessary rambles trying to fill space. You didn’t want to right a book on a for yourself and others because you are genuinely interested in his case you just wanted to make money.

    • NBX (forwarding this for CKC) Says:

      Eve says, and I quote verbatim
      “It was poorly written and the actual subject of Ian Brady seemed to only fill 3 pages worth of the book.”
      In fact two thirds of my book are about Brady and in addition there are seventy eight pages which contain comments, quotes and transcriptions from my extensive interviews and correspondence. Are we talking about the same book?

      Then, after saying my book is “poorly written” you state, again verbatim, you were “dissapointed” and then “You didn’t want to right a book on a for yourself”.

      Why am I starting to think I am wasting my time?


  67. Dr Chris Cowley Says:

    Does the Hindley T-shirt being flogged with your book actually come WITH your book? or do the fans have to buy them seperately?
    I am sure the relatives of the victims are going to be really pleased when they see people wearing this terrible endorsment and promotion of the killer of their children which you are promoting with the link to your book. The advert comes up automatically, but if it does not, here is the direct minoes link:,223588910

    Of course you will say you know nothing about this, but anyone who believes THAT might probably be insensitive enough to buy one.

    • ABC Says:

      NBX you pig-ignorant idiot. It is not the fault of any authour if some sick people buy a Hindley T-shirt, nor is the authour responsible for any link that may be put on the internet. If there was control of anything on the internet it should be that totally pathetic idiots like yourself are never allowed in front of a computer to write absolute crap! I know you are a ‘friend’ of Cowley, or maybe even Cowley himself and the deserved slating his/your garbage book recieved has annoyed you. But surely there should be a level even you would not stoop to. You are an obnoxious little jerk with nothing of any value whatsoever to say do or even think. You are a very sad and pathetic individual with a very mean and spiteful streak which is just as long as the cowardly yellow streak that runs through you. Do us all a favour and shut that hole that this verbal diarrhoea spouts from!

      • ABC Says:

        I must also add that I am a relative of one of the victims and I KNOW that the T-shirt is NOT being promoted with any book. What does disgust me is you! Your cheap and nasty comments are on a level with Brady’s and really show you for what you are. The hospital staff at Ashworth also saw you for what you are and now that is plain to the rest of us. They treated you with the contempt you deserve for championing a child killer.

    • Eve Says:

      What book? I haven’t written any book! I’m just a person with an opinion. You obviously cannot take criticism. There is no way of sugar coating it, your book was awful.
      You seemed more bothered about slating Ashworth hospital and trying to lick Bradys arse then trying to get any actual studies on the Man.
      Personally. throughout the book I got the sense Brady was playing you like a fiddle. I think he purposely choose you to write a book on him because he knew he could control you.
      Brady hates Ashworth and wants everyone to know it. So he got you- a naive, obviously mediocre Doctor to help him.
      You got played like putty my friend.

  68. Carina Says:

    By definition Ian Brady is an evil man, but I don’t think he should be punished for this. Human arrogance sometimes leads people to believe that everything we do in life is down to choice, but no… Brady’s sadistic nature wasn’t something that he could help and because of this I think his current situation is very sad. If adequate mental health care can’t be provided for people like him then they shouldn’t be kept alive at all, it just isn’t fair. I feel very sorry for Ian Brady.

  69. Reid Says:

    no he does not deserve to get out for all those murders reason im sorry for him is because his mums dead thats all.

    bloody idiot deserves to remain in mental unit

  70. give the bastard bead and water and no toothpaste monet tv or brews…… poor keiths mum, and all those poor god bless them children…. and no to scotland….. the kids didnt have a choice where to live…………..

  71. Paula Badger Says:

    Comment on

    chris cowley Says:

    February 20, 2011 at 8:05 pm
    Hi people
    I have just published a book about Brady based on my recent interviews with him. I can correct a few things: He has never had internet access and never will, he used to have a word processor, but that was taken away by the Ashworth authorities when they found out he was sending damning descriptions of the conditions at the hospital all over the world. I do not know why they insist on calling it a hospital, it is a prison and the ‘nurses’ are in fact guards. He will never be released. He recieves no medical treatment for his crumbling spine, or his cataracts. They just basically lock him in his cell when he is not being force fed. Anyone who thinks he is enjoying a comfortable time there is a million miles off the mark. From personal experience visiting him there I can tell you that the place is a nightmarish place to be. Brady does have remorse but, as he admitted to me, that remorse seems to be predominantly about the mess he made of his own life with his terrible crimes, rather than for his victims or their relatives, or Hindley for that matter.

    Dr Chris Cowley

    Your account as a clinical psychologist defies all the laws of ethics and integrity that apply to others. I am studying forensic psychology and have studied at Masters level, the other psychology disciplines to compare and contrast those who write in Journals. So why did you not do the same? Case files should not be shared with a lay audience, or be focused on the environment of a mentally ill person as to inside information of that opinion.

    Ashworth is a mental health incarceration unit for psychopaths, those criminally insane and mentally ill as the DMV-IV and PCL-R checklist. As such Ian Sloan, sorry Ian Stewart on his birth certificate and Ian Brady as his taken name of the Irish clan is not going to validate your book. Nor would he.
    I am writing to you here as the conditions you describe are not true, and that is why I am stating it. Ecological validity and empirical evidence do not stand up to this image of a camp ‘Mengele’. I say that as Ian receives chocolates, DVD’s , and cod’s as I know from those who get letters from him in reward. He has done for a very long time. They tell me so.

    What Ian Stewart has done as his registered birth name is to have gifts accepted to enjoy in his room that is a ward, it does not have bars, and does not have a jailer. It has a protection from harm and bad stuff that might upset him. Make him harder to manage as he has rages even at you it would seem.

    I know as those persons have bragged of such treats sent and accepted. Also, due to his rages he is not allowed in anything that will ‘upset’ him. He has sent out photographs and letters to these ‘friends’ who sell them, or barter them, and send them to the press. He does not pay for these items he requests from the people who he writes back to. It is tuck for a schoolboy mind.

    Parasites always feed on others as do psychopaths.

    A nightmarish place where you are fed and kept safe, have your mail monitored, are free to have a solicitor and access to the press, are free to have these treats that others do not get and all because he was one of two of a killing cult of children.

    Not even a gangster like the Krays. But a child sex offender/antisocial personality disorder patient, as you know and serial killer,torturer, fantasist who uses ‘blame attribution’ to the fullest sense as a paedophile/CSO does.

    He enjoys a life millions of pensioners do not due to his mental illness. So Dr Chris Cowley, if you care for this ‘patient’ that much as to the inhumane conditions, then make him sane. Prove his ‘chameleon’ effect is that, and he will go to a decent prison where he can have a real cell. But he will not get the tuck, parcels, or cushy room in this hospital will he?

    He was in prison and now a secure unit of a mental health facility as Ian Stewart, as Ian Brady taken name, due to his inability all his life to make a home for himself, or to do anything that was manly. Manly, yes.

    Now, there are some rants going to be had on this so I will get my jigsaw out for the day.

    Before I do the issue of crumbling spine. I have one and it is from manual work, so where does his fit in? If he has such a condition of course he is not going to have to do normal tasks for himself, or get home care, or use a buggy. He has then degenerations of his spine that his father might have had who of course he never knew as inherited.

    As to cataracts, how then can he write better than I long-hand with such a conditon and read so very well, and see the many thriller films on released DVD’s? I do not think medical evidence would show he had any of these medical conditions.

    But please make my day.

    Make sure Ian is removed from Ashworth hospital to a prison by disputing the DMV-IV on his being insane and having ‘command hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, plus cognitive distortions,the latter are part of the grooming process he has fed others who believe what a psychopath manipulates them to believe. Chocolate and war films as the pictures in the afternoon. Sound barbaric to you?

    • NBX (forwarding this for CKC) Says:

      Well obviously you have never visited any of the ‘special’ hospitals, nor met anyone incarcerated in them. My guess is that you are a trainee psychiatric nurse who has studied ‘up to’ masters level. How come you quit before you finished?

      As for ethical issues, I conducted the research for my book entirely independently (you obviously have not read it as it covers all the points you raise in your post) and I submit no psychiatric diagnosis (I was mainly interested in hybristophilia, victimological recidivism and the psychological dynamics of incarceration), it was not my intention to construct a threnological tract but to present the information in a clear an accessible way.

      As far as the special hospitals are concerned. You might want to look at this link.

      Best wishes

  72. Paula Badger Says:

    I have taken the time to push forward what is forensic nursing due to the description put forward as ‘guards, so using of course Journal evidence of what this person does for the ‘client’ is not hearsay, or my opinion, above is the information from those who receive stuff from him and tell me.

    It is on PsychinFo, and for those studying as access. I am sure it can be found by those at University. I do not need to add more on the nursing profession, this does it all.

    A concept analysis of ‘forensic’ nursing.Detail Only Available Kettles, Alyson McGregor; Woods, Phil; The British Journal of Forensic Practice, Vol 8(3), Sep, 2006. pp. 16-27. [Journal Article]
    Subjects: Concept Formation; Forensic Psychiatry; Nursing; Psychiatric Nurses; Psychological Terminology

    Database: PsycINFO

  73. yes, let him out, and he can maybe pay for his crimes, to easy to to hide behind bars.

  74. Lesley-Anne, with your pretty white beads
    Oh John, you’ll never be a man
    And you’ll never see your home again
    Oh Manchester, so much to answer for

  75. sabina berry Says:

    The last pleasure Brady has is to keep the burial site secret. Its his way of winning. He wants to die, so keep him alive by whatever means, that way he knows that ultimately he has lost. By the way, David Smith, brother in law of Hindley, died this weekend in Galway.

    The innocents of those children are in Gods care forever.

  76. shaz Says:

    rot in hell you monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. questura Says:

    it’s easy to condem, brady. but what you have to remember. if it wasnt for him pauline reade would still be up there. its was only by his hand that forced hindley to confess. other wise she never would have. and the last 2 families would to this day have never known what happend or where their kids are. its easy to say myra would have not killed having not met brady. but its also fair that brady would not have killed having not met her. she was not weak woman. she was twice the body mass of brady. and if you actualy talk to lads who knew her from school. lads of the age of 15 16, and 17 18 years old wouldnt mess with her becouse she was known to be violent. if you look at the facts. bradys criminal past is relativley weak, by comparison to a child today. petty theft. no violence against women, or anyone in fact he never even got into fights in the street. he loved been out in the country side. does that make him a kiddy killer no. he was a guy who fell inlove. and paid for it ever since. wrong time wrong woman. end of. he got in too deep too quik. people say he was gay, or bi. just people public. and these plastic psycologyst. trying to make a man look bad to fit the image portaid to the public. pauline read the first victim. was also in a relationship with david smith, befor he was with myra’s sister. edward, evens went to the same school as david, and lived round the corner. david was bi, so was edward. maybe myra thought david was having a affair with pauline, and got rid of her for her little sister. then when they relised it wasnt her, kept a eye on him. and found out it was a guy he was seeing. the other kids inbetween, may have been part of a plan to set dave up get him locked up. and also get rid of ian too.

  78. Claire Montague Says:

    Doctor (snigger) Chris Cowleys book was crap and he goes on about groupies of Brady when he clearly is one himself.

  79. Claire Montague Says:

    and because he was a groupie he was played by Brady who used him to piss and moan about conditions.



  81. Timothy down Says:

    Wtf no he should not be released

  82. I think he should rot in hell as he took five peoples lives and maybe more u will never know so he should suffer plus he’s been in so long he is settled and if he came out I think he would be killed and choped up and put in the moors him self or prob be killed there as revenge for kids so rot in hell you child killer. ( B*****D

  83. kirsty langan Says:

    Now that Winnie has so tragically passed away without ever finding her darling child (words cannot express my sadness at this) Brady has lost all control over his situation – he is totally impotent which for him is a fate worse than death. We cannot let him kill himself, his must be a long drawn out suffering – keep him chained up in Ashworth with that tube rammed up his nose until his last breath.

    • Matt hay Says:

      I agree with your point to keep it alive but I don’t think there is a place in this world for that animal, hang him, shoot him just get rid of it!

  84. notTelling !! Says:

    Ian Brady, shouldnt die, He should stay in that mental hostpital! I hope he is haunted by those 5 children he murdered, and now Winnie is at rest, RIP Winnie, with Keith now. I hope Winnie also haunts him.

  85. James Says:

    Here’s what I think. Take him out to Saddleworth moor in the middle of winter … in the dark and just leave him there. Rest in peace darling Winnie.

  86. Chelsey L Says:

    Don’t even know where to start only that he should not be let out, he should suffer a slow painful agonising death!! He killed 5 innocent children… 5 mothers babies! And yet still he refuses to tell where Keith Bennett is! A man like that has no soul or remorse! He has no heart! I’m not a nasty person but I wish he’d suffer and be hung drawn and quartered! What a vile piece of dirt! There are no words for this disgusting devil! But if you ask me letting him die via starvation wouldn’t be punishment enough! He deserves to go through pain! 5 mothers have had too!

  87. A. T. Cairns Says:


  88. Marion Says:

    I cannot believe what I’m reading on here. People advocating that the monster Ian Brady should be freed! No let him stay where he is not in prison but in hospital so he has to suffer being force fed because all he wants to do is die and should not be allowed to. Just a final note if he was let out there are still plenty of people around who would like to get him for what he did, and find him they would, but that is too quick an end for this evil monster.

  89. Reg Says:

    I think Brady is actually trying to survive as long as possible and he has being successful so far. The motive for him saying that he doesnt want to be released was to pretend to have insight into the gravity of his crimes which in turn would give him a better deal inside. Then his apparent wish to die was a prentence of remorse with the same motive.

    His upbringing was appalling and the cause of his disorder which should not be ignored.

    Any wish that he should burn in hell wont come good because God is a manufacturer who like a washing machine manufacturer will take back the defective goods and repair them (God will take the blame).

  90. Pete Says:

    Never, never, never !!!!

  91. Reg Says:

    Brady only said he doesnt want to be released because he knows there is no chance of being released anyway.

    To find a solution to people like Brady you would need the opinion of people as high as Buddha or Christ. The opinion of ordinary people is irrelevant because it is outside their remit.

    Buddha was an expert in treating killers and was succesful. He said, “There will come a day when people will realise that the persons who executed killers will be regarded as worse than the killers themselves”

  92. tristan Says:

    keep him locked up and ket him die in jail

  93. Garry Parkinson Says:

    Is Brady allowed to smoke? It’s not a human right to smoke Gauloise cigarettes as far as I know. Then again my intellect is dwarfed by the great Ian Brady. He should be kept as safe and healthy as possible as far as I’m concerned and this would include denying him his favourite pretentious French cigarettes. Brady knows nothing, there will be no revelations. He doesn’t know where Keith is buried, he is what he always has been, ignorant and vacuous. I bet that tube hurts going up your nose and the male genital flavoured baby food burns your sinuses to shreds – every time. The great superman being nasally raped every day by the very society he despises. What a loser.

  94. kerry harrison Says:

    does anyone know if there is a specific way of writing to him? i will write to him somehow despite what anyone says its my choice.

  95. Clare montague Says:

    Kerry it is not a good idea. Read C J Harts book In For The Kill. She wrote to and visited him and it attracts dark forces. Best to keep your distance. What would you get out of it?

  96. Louise Says:

    I am most certainly not defending Ian Brady. As yes, he was/is a sick evil bastard. But everyone on here seems to have forgotten about Myra Hindley. Although she’s dead, she was still just as responsible and evil as Brady was/is. I think they’re both as bad as each other tbf.

  97. Clare Montague Says:

    No Louise – she was his gf but he was the psychotic. He tried to rope in Smith. What happened to Jackie?

    • Louise Says:

      I take it that you never read the transcript of BOTH of them being cruel to Lesley Ann Downey. Myra was clearly telling the child to shut up otherwise she’d smack her. Hindley was happy enough to be Brady’s accomplice. Any normal woman would have had nothing to do with him. But Hindley? She decided to go along with him, and in my opinion she enjoyed what they were doing. If she was really such a good woman then why did she keep asking for parole when she knew very well that this would anger the relatives of the victims? Brady would’ve found it much harder to murder those children if it wasn’t for Myra acting so trustworthy and maternal, as children generally trust women. Brady is a psycho, and Hindley was a witch. I hope they both rot in hell to be honest.

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