August 2, 2009


July 26, 2009

The co-founder of Twitter , Evan Williams  and his good wife have had their email details stolen or borrowed or something like that and as a result Twitter itself has been well and truly hacked. Paypal accounts have also been the subject of this hacking. I don’t really understand how this  business works so you’ll have to read the story or watch the video yourself. But whatever you do be careful about giving too much of you personal information on Twitter. They say it’s all hunky- dory now ….safe as houses and all that. But only a complete Twit would put too much reliance on that.

Picture brompton 001 I recently bought myself a Brompton folding bike. The Brompton is one of those things that you either love or hate and personally I love my Brompton. As you can see from the photo they fold quite small and can fit snugly just about anywhere and are ideal for anyone living in a flat.Picture brompton 002 They are not cheap and you can expect to pay 1.000 euros or more but as it’s a folder it means you can take it with you anywhere you go so you don’t have to leave it locked to some lamp post where it’s likely to be stolen. You can buy them in Dublin from Cycleways but it takes about 6 or 8 weeks from the time you order as they are custom made.  Some people positively hate the bike but this may have to do with the fact that it came on the market around the same time as the mobile phone and was something of a Yuppie accessory in those days. They are relatively light and very portable and if you have the money you can go for a titanium version which is even lighter. If you have a spare 1.000 euros after buying the titanium upgrade  you can get a small Nano electric  motor to fit on the bike.

Since posting this my Brompton has been stolen

Now that O’Searcaigh is back in the news I thought some might like to hear /see the man himself.

The body language , tone of voice it’s all too familiar. It sounds much the same as those statements from church leaders telling us that they knew nothing….We’ve seen a hundred Catholic priests and Christian brothers use that same tone…..Fairytales were used in the old days to warn children of dangers …….ironic isn’t it .

….mind you , if it were you or I it would be different….it would be very different.

For further posts on O’Searcaight you’ll find more here.

According to a new report the Internet is set to grind to a halt (or at least slow down ) by 2012. The report by Nemertes Research says that  the web has reached a critical stage. Internet use they say will double in 2009.  The sheer number going on line just for a video clip on  YouTube alone is quite staggering. From next year we are told it will start to freeze leaving many of us out in the proverbial cold. The report is well worth a read , the summary that is , the report itself  is not out yet.

A 16 year old Glasgow girl has (according to The Irish Times) became a hate figure on YouTube as a result of being caught on camera grimacing during the audition of Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent. The girl has become known as the 1:24 girl as she’s caught  grimacing  exactly 1 minute 24 seconds into the performance. The Youtube clip has , according to the Times ( hard copy ed / newspaper)   had 100 million visitors. One Boyle fan said she would like to slap the young girls face. In all the paper said she has had dozens of threatening messages……. Twelve out of 100 million……….dear oh dear oh dear….

By the way , if your looking for a copy of the charity cd that boyle sang on some years back you can pick up a copy on Ebay for anything between 500 and 1000 sterling.

 This is a classic piece of Stadium Rock. But that’s all it is. The culture of the full belly as I like to think of it. Affluent white youth killing time while they take their turn to become landlords….A generation which has sold itself cheap. After 50 years of clerical abuse this generation stampedes to get it’s place in a good Catholic university… , and then a place on the property ladder……there’s little to respect here……like the proverbial good book say’s , “You cannot serve two masters”. ……

This is the generation which handed over Irish airports to the US military ………..this is the generation that wants unlimited immigration ( after they have left the neighbourhood that is )……

 Bono reflects this generation well…..they look at him and see themselves……

This is probably the worst Elvis related DVD’s that your likely to come across. Selling in Ireland for from 20 t0 25 E. this is a blatant con job. It’s supposed to be about Elvis’s Las Vegas years but the truth is that it’s just a jumble of incoherent sound bites with still photo’s and some early black and white television footage. It has NOTHING to recommend it and should be avoided at all costs. If your like me you will probably want to buy everything about Elvis even if it’s not quite the best……but this is dreadful …..The script , which is really all that is original in this DVD is the worst I’ve ever had to listen to.

This video clip from Youtube is , by the way , deceptive…it’s a hell of a lot worse that this….keep your money in you pocket. For a far better review than I can write read this.

Destination Vegas DVD Elvis Presley in Las Vegas.

This is the story of Ronald Wycherley , better know as Billy Fury , Britain’s so called answer to Elvis Presley. In truth he was an original…he arrived on the music scene in the shadow of Elvis and in bad health …..and died before his time…..





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