September 15, 2012

        I have just been watching “Endgames  of a Psychopath” on Youtube. It is about  the Moors Murderer Ian Brady. We see and hear the usual suspects with their second-rate intellects  express the same second-rate opinions that we have all head before……it’s more of the same.  Psychiatrists , solicitors , journalists and, god help us all , EXPERTS.  When it comes to Brady it seems there really is nothing new under the sun……..and nothing new to be said. But that doesn’t stop them saying it while the commentors comment from the margins…….And like the poet said , ” They keep on coming back for more”. …….and they do ( wink wink , nod nod). There’s plenty of meat there for those psychiatrists and that’s for sure….Yes , they could have a field day without even getting out of their chairs.

              IAN STUART BRADY : THE GREATEST SHOW IN TOWN.  Now in it’s 47th ? year. Starring Ian Brady with a support cast of various psychiatrist , journalists and sundry other characters all in search of a drama in which they hope to shine. A script to die for and more to come……and the punters just can’t get enough. They are  positively insatiable……this gig is running longer than Dallas and ‘Fools and Horses put together.

    He’s got the film star looks for sure. The camera likes him. He’s got a way with words. You could say that he’s got it all……. More people read my Ian Brady related posts than any other topic I write about in my blog and almost 90% of all comments relate to him. He’s top of the bill. The man’s a star no doubt about it. Standing room only and if you want to meet him in person then you’ll just have to get in the que along with all the psychiatrists , solicitors, journalist and all the rest.

               Psychiatrists , authors  , criminologists , physics , journalists I’ve had them all on my blog. I can’t keep them away. If I was charging rent I’d be rolling in it by now. And what gets me is the arrogance of these people. It’s the age we live in. From the time they were toddlers they have been told they were special and predictable they have grown up to belive it.  There’s no one around to tell them otherwise and so with a Uni degree in the hand and a firm conviction that they are as wonderful as mammy and daddy kept insisting the were they inflict themselves on the world. Mindless and arrogant without even one original thought they fall back on the old hackneyed half theories…..

             It goes on and on like a broken record. Books , tv programmes , newspaper reports all saying the same thing over and over and over….Insatiable , downright unhealthy — obsessive. …. Waiting for Ian to speak or just write another letter.  And then the headlines , the same old headlines.  Flogging a dead horse. obsessive unhealthy……yes , it’s defiantly unhealthy. And it’s all just a little bit too claustrophobic. -incestuous almost. There is a hint of masturbation about all of this.

               As I’ve said before Brady has made his mark. He immortalised his victim and has achieved a kind of immortality for himself and when he dies it will bigger than Elvis. And then there will be more books , more tv programmes…..more of the same.            Ian Stuart Brady SUPERSTAR.

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5 Responses to “IAN BRADY SUPERSTAR”

  1. jessica sherriff Says:

    Hi, your blog is very interesting! I am writing my dissertation on mugshots/gender/stereotypes. I have found a few quotes from your site that i’d like to use in my work, hope this is okay. Therefore I wanted to ask what is your real name? so I can reference you, instead of saying ‘silly old twit’ ha! thanks

    • sillyoldtwit Says:

      thank you for your comment…..I’ve had my identity stolen in the past so don’t like to give out my real name but feel free to borrow what you wish from my blog…..i would love to read your dissertation….it sounds interesting , i’m not just saying that to be polite. regard , sillyoldtwit

  2. Hi,
    This might be the wrong place to post this but I am trying to get your attention!

    I am looking for a copy of the Noel Kelehan Ozone LP. Can you email me please? j.rummy AT gmail DOT com


  3. kerry harrison Says:

    anyone know if its possible to write him in hospital? i really want to write i dont care about a reply from him that is..

  4. waldo Says:

    lesly anne was seen in harrogate with them the next day in a derelict building by two boys . dont know if this matters anymore? iwas eight.

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