September 10, 2012



In the above picture the Mezzo d 10 is on the left , centre and folded is my Mezzo 1-4 and to the right is my Neobike. I’ve had this Mezzo d 10 for three years now and it’s quite simply the best bike I’ve ever owned — and at 66 I’ve owned probably hundreds of bikes.

               It is fast. How fast it is hard to say but what I can say is this ; I ride my d10 every day  of the week , sometimes a couple of time a day and have done so for the last 3 years now and in all that time I’ve never been overtaken by a folding bike.  I’ve ridden this bike at least one thousand times around Dublin city , a city that has more  than  its share of Dahons and Bromptons etc. God knows how many folders I have passed in my time but nothing with small wheels has ever passed me.  Folding bike owners sometimes get very territorial about their bikes and often make ridiculous claims  about the  particular vertues of the model they happen to own but the Mezzo d10 does seem to go faster than any folder that I have come across. ….. and keep in mind that I’m no spring chicken and don’t cycle all that fast in the first place.  I have only raced it , really raced it once and that was one afternoon as I was peddling down the Liffey quay here in Dublin. In front of me a young guy came out of a side street , head down and looking fast (and quite flash) on a Dahon speed pro with dropped bars. He looked fast and had all the lycra and the bike itself looked very very fast and he was going like the clappers…. He was a little ahead of me so I upped my speed a fraction just to get on his back wheel as I was curious to know  exactly what kind of cassette etc he might have.  It didn’t require any particular effort to catch up and he really was pretty much all out…..A few minute later I had left him behind……we didn’t formally have a race but he really was all out …. head down and all in lycra as I said. Its a nice looking bike the speed pro but not as fast as you might imagine …… I don’t mean to make any mad claims about the speed of the Mezzo d10 , its not a racing bike  and there might well be faster folders but so far I have not come across them.

           The Mezzo d10 is a well engineered bike and far sturdier than the Brompton. Its built like a tank , has a stiff frame and yet is just as light as the Brompton. The gear ratio is lower than most other bikes which means that you take hills without effort and maintain a reasonable speed with just as little effort. The gears do take quite a while to get used to but after a few weeks your cadence quite naturally adjusts. Personally I couldn’t go back to a higher gear ratio even if I was paid. And as I’ve said it’s quite a fast bike so low gear ratio doesn’t mean low-speed and when you cycle long distance low ratio permits you to go a lot further as you are expending less energy. It is often said that the Brompton is a better fold but the only practical difference is that the Mezzo takes perhaps 2 or 3 seconds longer to fold. I have owned a Brompton in the past and can say emphatically that the Mezzo is a far better bike in every respect and is considerably cheaper…….a top speed Brompton is about 5 or 6 hundred euros more expensive than the 10 speed Mezzo.

          As you can see I already have 2 Mezzos but I was thinking of buying the Mezzo d9…………then I’ll have the set as Mezzo have only produced three models. If I had the money I would like to buy a Birdy but they are very expensive. I would quite like to have a Neo Brompton but they are very rare and I doubt if there are any in Ireland. I have also considered spending my money on upgrades for the d10 rather than buy a new bike. I’m tempted to get the obligitory Chris King headset and a Phil Woods outboard bottom bracket……..decisions , decisions…….

             There is a very good Mezzo forum over at

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5 Responses to “MEZZO D 10 THREE YEARS ON d10 D10”

  1. [...]   It’s a nice looking bike and you’ll get lots of compliments and envious glances so buy a good , a very good lock if you want to keep it. As I’ve said , it’s  over – engineered and removing the front wheel requires a degree in engineering 0r at least the patience to read the manual (neither of which I have) -but how often do we actually need to remove the wheels from our bikes ? . The tyres are not the best ( I’ve had 5 punctures in 10 months) so you may have to spend some money on a good pair and of course you’ll want a Brooks saddle so that another 70 euros or so. But the Mezzo is almost 700 euros cheaper than an entry level Birdy and is probably a better bike and is a much better bike to ride than the Brompton. You will not find many Brompton owners challenging you to a marathon run….. For a more recent review of this bike after I had been riding it for 3 years see THIS REVIEW. [...]

  2. [...]   10/sept/2010  I have now had this bike for three years….to see what I think of it after riding it appx. 1,000 times over that three years click on THIS LINK. [...]

  3. lukas Says:

    hello sillyoldtwit,

    is there any shop in Dublin that is selling D10s ? I am looking to get it under cycle to work scheme, but I am still to find a shop that sells them.

    thanks and regards,

  4. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Cycleways in Parnell St. in an agent for Mezzo. That’s where I bought my two. They might have to order one in but it will only take a couple of day.

  5. lukas Says:

    thanks for that, unfortunately they are not dealing with mezzo any more, which made me go for a brompton M instead, despite your excellent Mezzo review, I must add.
    See you on the roads !

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