Sean Keating portrait of Eoin O’Duffy Apollo Gallery Dublin

September 1, 2012

        I was in the city today and saw this picture by Sean Keating in the window of the Apollo Gallery in Dublin. This is my property. I did not give it to the Apollo. It’s a portrait of General Eoin O’Duffy a well know Irish Blue Shirt ………….This picture hung on the wall in my flat for years.. So how did my picture end up in the Apollo ? Well , I’ve posted about this in my blog in the past so rather than repeating that all over again here is the LINK to that post which will explain all. If by chance you decide to buy this picture then you might want to consider the fact that there is no provenance …..or rather the Apollo Gallery can not give you any provenance as they don’t know where this picture originally came from.  If they DO offer such provenance then they are engaging in fraud…. …. But all this aside it’s never a good idea to buy a work of art if the ownership of that work is open to question. And let me repeat that I most certainly own this picture……..there are no shortage of people who have seen this picture hung in my flat …….and of course I know where I bought it……..something which the Apollo of course don’t know…..

             It’s not unusual for stolen pictures to end up in an art gallery. Even the most reputable gallery will inevitable occasionally buy art works which turn out to be stolen. This is unavoidable but if there is any problem  reputable galleries will withdraw such a picture from sale and generally return them to their rightful owners…….but the Apollo is far from being reputable. If you read my other post you will see comments from some customers of the Apollo which show just how much of a cowboy operation this gallery really is. They sell a lot of stuff by Graham Knuttal. The last time I had a Knuttel canvas I sold it for  4 euros………At the time it would have been valued at something in the region of 1,500 euros but at 4 euros I sold it for what it was worth. The Apollo usually has a window full of the most tasteless trash which is bought by those who know nothing about  art to impress their friends who know even less….

           I could write a very long blog post just on this ………in fact I will in the near future. But there are a lot of people like that out there. During the celtic tiger years some of them , having made a fortune out of landlordism were queuing up to buy Motherwell’s …..they didn’t actually know anything about Motherwell much less art and were sold these ‘remnants’ by dealers who prior to all this had never even heard of him. Once the bubble burst these were sold on for a fraction of what they had cost…….and even at that they sold for inflated prices…. Like I said , I could and will write something on this soon……Meanwhile , back at the proverbial ranch , my Keating is stuck in the window of the Apollo and this by the way is the second time in the last 5 years  that they have offered it for sale in their window. In my last post in 2007  I said that they had sold it but the seller must have returned it !!!!!!!!  so here it is back in the window again……

               Oh yes , oh yes it certainly has a history this picture….!!!!! Ironically , while  this art work was hanging on my wall I didn’t really like it …..but having seen it twice in a space of a few years in the window of the Apollo it’s started to grow on me….It is far from being a great work of art but it IS interesting and  is getting more interesting by the minute. Last but not least , if you have some worthwhile art in your home insure it……..if it is taken and ends up in some gallery you might well find it very hard to get it back but at least you’ll get something…

             PS. I posted this yesterday and today Apollo have announced their gallery is to close. Was it something I said ? ………… No , it seems not. Upward only rents seems to be the problem and they plan to move around the corner and open a new gallery. Oddly enough I have a certain sympathy for them in relation to those rents……

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2 Responses to “Sean Keating portrait of Eoin O’Duffy Apollo Gallery Dublin”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    Do you happen to know where Apollo have moved to? I’m trying to track them down.

  2. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Sorry but I don’t know where they are now but they did say that they were moving a matter of yards from where the shop used to be so if you mooch about that general area you will probable find it.

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