August 19, 2010


   Just the other day I placed an ad for a flat on Gumtree.  In spite of the fact that there are huge numbers of empty properties all over Dublin it’s virtually impossible for a working class person to find one.  You cannot discriminate against a foreigner or a fat person etc but discrimination on the grounds of class is rampant in Ireland , and quite blatant. Be that as it may , the fact is I need a small flat. I’m not particular as to location but it must MUST be quite. I won’t hold my breath while I’m waiting but I will leave the ad there permanently and hopefully in the fullness of time something will turn up.

           I pass Flat to Let signs every other day but most if not all of these will only rent to students or business people. In fact it’s noticeable that those who buy council flats don’t want to rent to folk who might live in council accommodation !!  A clear case of beggars on horseback. As I write this I can hear the noise of a TV coming through the walls in spite of the fact that the flat on my right has been empty for over a year and on my left the neighbours are not home…..It’s like a dripping tap….and from time to time that tap gets very loud. But that’s not the only reason I want to leave. This Cambridge Court  flat  that I live in is DARK , no daylight gets in at all….it’s like living in a cave and get’s very very depressing. That fact that there is no heating or no bedroom doesn’t help….

      But it could take a long time to find a flat. I could take a very long time , if that is , one turns up at all. The photo , by the way , is not of Cambridge Court but rather of a house just up the road that caught my eye. Why not check out my new Cambridge Court Website.

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  1. maggie Says:

    Your quite right, I know all these people and they don’t have a life of their own, so they like to live other peoples lives, interfer, begrudge, gossip and a number of them amount to no better then bullies. I say to ‘ell with them and they should live their own lives and leave the rest of us alone to get on with ours. As for that darn committee, they are called the gang of five, they claim to represent 51, but there is only 8 one bed roomed flats, 1 2 bed flat, and about 24 bed sits. There is no one on the committee from a bed sit and those tenants on the committee do not represent the most of us, they represent their own self interest. Demoncracy is a foreign word to them. There is much depression, and isolation in Cambridge Court and most people do not speak up about the hurtful remarks, the enjoyment of making misery by some of the gang of five, this is the tip of the ice berg and I think I will have to start my own web site as a log. Louis, your courage in doing the web site and explaining how you feel is a credit to you, most here suffer in silence, and get depressed, some cry and get ill. That’s all for now, best wishes. MM

  2. Judy Says:

    Wow, that’s a really clever way of thiiknng about it!

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