August 17, 2010

  I have been sitting here wondering what I should blog about today but cannot think of a thing. Things are quiet in Cambridge Court. Things are always quite in Cambridge Court. I would go for a cycle but I too damned tired. So here is I am…….


                  I have nothing in particular to read and am listened toTrapattoni  talking about Robbie Keane on my little valve radio in the kitchen. It’s one of those days…….I feel I should be doing something but just can’t think what. Perhaps I’ll go on Twitter and listen in to Steve BrooksteinI usually go for a cycle up by Sandymount Strand but like I’ve said I’m just too tired today. I think I’ll have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake – then I’ll look at the four walls. But never mind , tomorrow is another day….. Sept. 2012  Why not check out my new Cambridge Court Chronicles Website.

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  1. mm Says:

    And another thing these gang of 5, have a profound impact on the lives of everyone else living here. I would not have believed it, sometimes the five are worse then those living in hostels, and they think they are above them. Enough to make anyone depressed and withdrawn and we have a fair number of those living in here.

  2. Niece of the Elder Lemon Says:

    Here here MM. My elderly aunt lives there and I don’t know how she puts up with it. How were they ever even moved in to CC in the first place? I thought it was supposed to be a safe secure environment for the elderly. My aunt used to love it there, and still does to a certain degree. Now however shes driven demented at times. Between the hammering at all hours at certain times of the year, another guy sitting outside half dressed for most of the summer with no regard for anyone else (these are elderly people – and there are very young children passing by daily after all). One banging on neighbours doors at all hours – I could go on and on. Then theres the more recent incident when one resident was found banging on one of the elderly ladies door, naked, and appearing to be out of his head. Whoever thought up this experiment of changing the criteria for taking up residency in CC needs to review it urgently – because it isn’t working.

    From a Health and Safety standpont one of the biggest problems is the dangerous timber planters next to walkways and the hanging baskets held up with flimsey wire and shoe laces in one case, over walkways. One of the other elderly residents has already cut her leg off one of then. Planters and hanging baskets are beautiful if kept away from walkways and looked after properly.

    As her family, we find it hard to remain calm about this when we visit but being the fiercely independent woman that she is she won’t let us do anything about it – YET. Our patience is running out though and one of these days I’ll arrange for the Fire Inspector to pay a visit and that will sort out the walkways issue anyway.

    My aunt, just like the other elderly residents living in Cambridge Court, deserves to have the place returned to the safe, harmonious, happy little place it one was.

    • maggie maher Says:

      Well niece of the elder lemon, Elder lemon turns on her TV at 5.30 – 6.30 some mornings and blasts her neighbours out of it with her TV. She turns it off when she thinks council workers or contract workers are around. She blasts her TV out up to 1.30 am and the neighbours around her are driven demented with her noise. The shoestring you refer to gardening string that can take weight of up to 120 kilos. You should get your facts straight. What is more your aunt lemon and lemon is a good name for her has come out swearing, shouting and using a personal alarm in the middle of the day against other tenants who are going about their business quitely. Your aunt has not earned the right the keep others awake late at night and we are all fed up of listening to her TV/ Radio. Perhaps you would like to buy her a set of earphones and an extension lead for the TV and her neighbours all three of them might get some sleep.

  3. des farrell Says:

    i also live in cc and i think the crack that goes on here is outrageus altogether now, im seriosely thinking of moving to somalia. fat old tit

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