Cambridge Court Ringsend Dublin City Council

September 17, 2008

Cambridge Court in Ringsend is a housing complex for senior citizens run by Dublin City Council. I moved in there a few months ago as I was in substandard accommodation in the private sector before that and really had to get out.

Cambridge Court is not unlike a prison. My flat ( a one roomed one ) is more like a cell than anything else. It’s small and dark…..and it does not feel like home…. A man calls around to each flat every morning just to check the we are  ‘alright’ ( not dead ).  I had to almost have  a stand up argument with him to get him to stop pounding on my door… At another time someone from the local health service came knocking and demanding to know all my health and medical history… took yet another argument to get rid of her. Yes , there is no question about it , if you live in a place like Cambridge Court ( if you can’t afford to own you own property that is ) you are treated like not so much a senior citizen but more like a second class one. It’s the new racism in Ireland based on class rather than colour or creed.

It may look pleasant enough…….you might think I’m almost ungrateful in my attitude but the harsh reality is that you are treated very much as a second class citizen here. You are subject  to a regime that no home owner would tolerate for a minute… They call it sheltered housing but it’s no more than a sort of apartheid…..The whole concept of keeping older people segregated from the rest of the community is very much the norm now. In fact everyone seems to want to live in closed estates with gates and walls..but that of course does not make it right or desirable….

Still….It’s better than being homeless….

PS. One point that I should make here is to mention the noise. You would imagine that a complex such as this would , if nothing else , be quiet but in this you would be wrong. One of the reasons that I gave up my previous flat was that I couldn’t stand the noise but now I find myself in a worse position. It’s impossible to have a  lie-in in the morning or to just write a letter or simple things like that as the noise from the next door radio or television is likely to be blaring through the wall….I find myself in the position that I have no choice but to spend hours every day just walking the street…..this is something you should consider if you are offered a flat here. There is a distinct possibility that your quality of life will be nonexistent…….So yes, it’s better than being homeless but that’s about it…..there is not a lot more that can be said for it.

22 July 09  Over a year here now and I still find myself having to go for walks just to get away from the noise. In the one year I’ve been here I still haven’t actually read a book in spite of the fact that I’m a fanatical reader and still buy a few each week. I have just found this piece about Ringsend in the good old days. If you want to read more about Cambridge Court just click on the Cambridge Court tab on the right…….  Sept. 2012. Since the above was written I have started a new Cambridge Court website Cambridge Court Chronicles …..why not check it out.

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13 Responses to “Cambridge Court Ringsend Dublin City Council”

  1. memoma Says:

    christ i’d hate to be your neighbour

  2. Francis Says:

    Silly old twit, ‘where would the ideal place be for you to have as a ‘home’?

    Please let my anonymity stand. Just like you we are nameless minutae.

  3. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Francis , the ideal place would be anywhere that offers peace and quiet….

  4. Willie Says:

    well silly old twit ,it would that you are a very lonely person and that would seem to be more your choice than your neighbours,you have declined many invitations to take part in the activities in the centre. Many of the points you raised are valid with regard to the accommadation, in particular the lack of bedroom space.Meetings take place on a monthly basis at which you can air your grievances and perhaps process them further.Do not blame your neighbours for the ills that are of your making .get a life.

  5. sillyoldtwit Says:


    I don’t know where you got the idea that I was lonely….and what possible reason could there be for me to get involved in activities ….The centre that you mention has nothing to do with me. I have no idea who owns it , runs it of uses it…..But the noise IS bad and for anyone who is used to living in decent conditions this place would be quite unacceptable.

  6. Aidan Says:

    You will get plenty of peace and quite when your dead, you miserable old sod, a nicer bunch of people you could not wish to meet.
    I only hope when i get to there age i have the same lust for life.

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