Mohammad Hitler Islam and the Movies Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….

January 30, 2008


 It seems that a politician in Holland has made a 10 minute film about Islam which attacks the Koran. Geert Wilders feels that Islam and the Koran are just as dangerous as Hitler and his friends. Needless to say  there is talk of blood in the streets…….But there’s no point in getting worked up about this as what you and I might think of the whole matter is of no concern to anyone…

 ……just today on the British news there is yet another report about a plot to kidnap a Muslim British soldier and cut his head off  “like a pig”.

 So make no mistake . These people are laughing at us. …….har har har…….
And as there is nothing that I , or anyone else can do let’s all just laugh together……har har har…..


 Check out Mohammed’s official website……

25 Responses to “Mohammad Hitler Islam and the Movies Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….”

  1. Ehab mohy Says:

    not from civilisation insulting the Prophet. the Prophet Muhammad, God’s blessings and peace be upon him is the best human beings. The day of reckoning will know but will not help remorse.

    • John Connor Says:

      Well du de, this pedophile terrorist your refering till has no place in a civilized society.

      Muhammed was a massmurdering rapeisit who personally slaughtred thousands of innocents and raped the wifes and children the same night he had raped their fathers, brothers and husbands.

      But don’t worry, you will soon join him if you keep this up, when your days are over you will burn in hell togehter with your false prophet.

  2. Ehab mohy Says:

    The sky will not hurt the dogs barking

  3. Ahmad.IRAQ Says:

    fuck you and fuck your mother You shit face,
    why you hate muhammad? because somebody muslim fucked your mom in ass?

    you mother fucker, keep that pic for your sister ass, you piece of shit

    Fuck you and fuck your “JESUS” and fuck christians, you shit face mother fucker you….

    Muhammad is the BEST, Don’t like? GO FUCK YOUR SELF

  4. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Har har har……

  5. Do_your_research Says:

    Sillyoldtwit, I don’t understand this blog or it’s message.

    Who is laughing at you/us? Who are ‘these people’?

    What is your thesis: that there is an imbalanace of power between the east & west? Christianity v muslim? That ‘we’ (if that ‘be’ our increasingly secular irish society?) are being mocked? – If that is what you mean , might I add incidentally that ‘we’ (irish society including the remnants of the Catholic hierarchies) are making a pretty good job of mocking ourselves!

    Do explain.

  6. AMINE Says:


  7. Anza Says:

    This article is retarded. Theres no point in cursing because cursing doesn’t solve anything and neither does humiliation towards other religions. However, this writer of this article is obviously illiterate enough to not understand that.
    Theres no point in telling the writer that us Muslims are better because clearly, all you kafirs won’t understand until the burning fire of hell touches you. May Allah bless all the Muslims and KEEP helping us in succeeding at everything since we’re already the best! :)

  8. bilal Says:

    I censure you,

    Everyone can believes any religion which they want,
    but no one can affront the other religion and things which belongs it,
    every one must show respect the others,
    if no respect, no peace,
    So, you must support peace and peace workings, not like this way,
    Finally, what you want, peace or war,

    • aymen Says:

      bullllllll shit

      i need to evry one see the koran and the muslim book
      and i sure you will change your religion

      • aymen Says:

        the islam is the perfect religion in the world
        so i need all peopel follow me to open your Minds
        and thanks for see

  9. Mohammad was a conman. He wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last ….as long as there are fools like you to follow such people they will keep popping up making mad claims……

    I don’t respect fools or their superstitions….

    • Eliana Says:

      The seedbed for our joy lies not in what we are doing, or acrunqiig but in what we are being. True joy is a state of personal wonder and power that comes from inside out. Our most creative and innovative work happens when we are working with a sense of joy that transcends space and time and empowers us to be the best we can be. When we are working and living with our joy, in the flow of positive purpose, we also touch the true success, abundance and satisfaction we desireSadly, joy is something that we often forget to access.

  10. Mehmethan Says:

    Everybody serves what he eats….

  11. arya Says:

    like evry christian fucks there mother & sisters in a single bed in the same way they think all live
    but they are always wrong like thjs time too

  12. arya Says:

    whoever has created this thing will be punished soon INSA ALLAH

  13. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Arya ,

    Like many who follow this religion you seem to be obsessed with sex …..and violence…

  14. arya Says:

    pl send me ur mother sisters addres so that i will fuck them every night and give u the money for evry fuck

    atleast u will live easily rather creating useless things

  15. acdere Says:

    bulllllll shhhhhhhhit

  16. jessie Says:

    what the fuckin hell is your problem why would u do something like this i swear on udgement day god will seny u all to heelll !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. muslim Says:

    God blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad the Arab

    …. I would like to Anowoh that Islam did not make mistakes with you in any case

    I hope that you stop this Hraúkm

    I swear that Muhammad spoke of literature without either prepare for or to strike the death or the curse of God

    God cleansed the world of envy and hate and make Islam the world lights up

    O God, and ask you to rise above the building of mosques and the word is no God but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah

    Lord Hear

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