Moors Murders Ian Brady Myra Hindley Video Youtube

November 24, 2007

Up to a few months ago there was no shortage of video footage relating to the Moors Murders however when I went to check to see what was currently available I found that Youtube has removed all videos that they had on their site. I assume that this had something to do with copyright. I had the idea that I might list all videos relating to the crimes. However as I say , they are now all gone. I could only find one site that contains anything and that was the BBC.

This link will lead you to a 1966 BBC News report on the case . You will probably have seen part of this before but probably in an edited form so I’m putting the link here for what it’s worth

For anyone who want’s to download a video about Myra Hindley there is one in the Born To Kill series available for download for a small fee……’I have a hard copy of it myself and you can also buy it on DVD. It’s quite good. This link will lead you to the site. I have never downloaded anything from this site myself so don’t know anything about it but I imagine it’s quite safe.

If anyone out there knows of any other video about Hindley or Brady perhaps you could let me know them so I can list them here.

Since writing the above I have come across one more BBC Link . Some of these videos may not download for you but some no doubt will. You will find them HERE
To read all my post on the Moors Murder use this link.

Myra Hindley Biography Channel video trailer can be found HERE

9 Responses to “Moors Murders Ian Brady Myra Hindley Video Youtube”

  1. AHolmes Says:

    I too noticed the lack of material relating to the Moors
    Murders on YouTube recently…Not so long ago there were
    a multitude of lengthy clips from different documentaries; some very interesting to watch. Now though, on the subject of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, I can find only two, three, videos…one of which is the Longford trailer.

    It may, as you say, have something to do with copyright issues; however over the past couple of months several video’s appeared which I would personally describe as badly made and somewhat distasteful.

    As is a trend on YouTube to create “music videos” using
    clips from a film or television program…at least three
    video’s appeared is this vein about the Moors Murders; using clips from Longford and See No Evil, playing alongside metal music with violent lyrics.

    Perhaps, to cover themselves (I’m aware that people complained about these videos) YouTube have removed most anything connected to the subject.
    Thank-you for posting the link to the BBC news report, unfortunately for me (for whatever reason) the sound isn’t working I’m hearing it in blasts.

    In relation to Born to Kill, it seems there is a DVD availible from ASDA online…though it is a three part set, with documentaries about Fred West and Harold Shipman. I think I shall probably order it rather than download it…thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    If I come across any video about Brady or Hindley, I’ll let you know.

  2. AHolmes Says:

    After digging around, it seems Born to Kill is still posted on YouTube…here’s the link

  3. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Thank you A Holmes for the link and your comments. I’ve added another link I’ve just found and it’s at the end of the original post. I also someting have a problem with BBC downloads so I’m not sure if there is in fact any solution to the problem.
    You mentioned that you had written to him and he may yet reply to you but if he doesn’t then just write again..he’s been buisy himself in the last month fighting to have his appeal heard in public. By his appeal I mean his request to be transfered back to prison.

  4. AHolmes Says:

    Thank-you, I’ll be sure to take a look at them.

    I have considered writing again, but haven’t yet done so for several reasons; one, I’ve been very busy myself lately having started a new job, two (as silly as it might sound) I don’t like to pester…I have read that he receives a substantial amount of mail, many of it from women proclaiming their love, and thirdly I’m not entirely sure whether the address I was using was correct or not. I sent my letter to the main hospital address, addressing it to Mr Ian Brady.

    But, you’re right, he will have no doubt been busy with the appeal.

  5. AHolmes Says:

    Just got my copy of Born to Kill in the mail from Amazon…it is interesting in places, dissapointing in others, but overall worth buying.

  6. Tony McGreevy Says:

    There are two interviews with David Smith and Maureen Hindley on as well as other news reports. I am perturbed by the lack of information on Hindley. I am one of these conspiracy theorists however. As you will know there is a one hundred year “D” notice on court papers and other material. This censorship is alleged to be to protect relatives. I do not believe governments ever use censorship except to protect themselves and thier close friends. Hope you find the Smith & Hindley interviews interesting.

  7. sillyoldtwit Says:

    Thank you for the link Tony….conspiricy , what conspiracy ?

  8. Tony McGreevy Says:

    Well the “Evil” Tabloid campaign suffocated a lot of debate over the years. There are many things published including, Harrison, Williams and Goodman, as well as Staff, which point to a debate that has never taken place. Is there a another subject in the United Kingdom which the public or the media, cannott debate publicly with all the facts and I mean “all the facts” being led open to those who are interested? All the secrets of the KGB, the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6 will be published under the 30 year rule or the 50 year rule. All government activity that occurred in 1965 will be published by 2015. The Chester Assizes court case of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady will be made available in the Autumn of 2065. Me and you, Silly, won’t have a look in!!! I’ll get back to you with more. It’s quite interesting what the media didn’t publish.

  9. IAN Says:

    I ignore anything to do with Brady or Hindley in the news, I don’t even bother reading it, listening to it or watching it. Best way to treat them and their so called legacy. They are not celebs but killers – end of story!

    It is the victims who deserve the full oxygen of publicity forever, nobody else!

    I have just signed a petition relating to Keith Bennett via the e-petition site. More about this is on the official site dedicated to Keith’s short life.

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