Ian Brady and Ashworth Hospital

May 25, 2007

  _96888_ashworth_hospital_sign_150_19-05-98_grab.jpg                   Ian Brady was first admitted to Ashworth Hospital in 1985. When first sent there he had expressed ‘deep remorse’ for his crimes but this was to change. After a knife had been discovered taped under a sink in a washroom Brady was forcibly moved to a cell on Lawrence Ward of the hospital. Prior to this he had been refused the right to donate one of his kidneys. According to Colin Wilson “”it was because of this attempt to express remorse was thrown back in his face that he began to contemplate suicide”. In Oct. 1999 he went on hunger strike and is still being tube fed to this day.

   “On 30 September 1999, Ian Brady was transferred to another ward. He took objection both to the transfer and to the manner in which it was effected. In addition to making complaints to the police and through the National Health Service complaints procedure he went on hunger strike. At the same time he began a media campaign, writing repeatedly to the BBC and others and issuing information through his solicitor complaining about the way that he had been treated, giving details of his hunger strike and the manner in which he was affected.

       Because of the substantial media interest which Ian Brady generated, the director of communications of Ashworth found it necessary to make 12 press releases between 30 September 1999 and 11 January 2000 answering inquiries for information. The release of the 2 October 1999 began by stating: “Ian Brady, a patient at Ashworth Hospital, has exercised his right to refuse permission for the hospital to disclose any clinical details about him”. On 29 October, it was announced that he had refused food for a total of 30 days and that a program of “refeeding” had been introduced, which involved force feeding by means of a nasogastric tube.

       On 2 February 2000, Ian Brady obtained permission to apply for judicial review, in order to challenge the continuing decision to force feed him. The hearing was held in private but, due to the public interest in the case, Maurice Kay J delivered his judgment in open court: see R (Brady) v Ashworth Hospital Authority[2000] Lloyd’s Med R 355; (2001) 58 BMLR 173. Maurice Kay J ruled that force feeding was lawful since it was reasonably administered as part of the medical treatment given for the mental disorder from which Ian Brady was suffering. By virtue of section 63 of the 1983 Act consent was not needed for such treatment. The judgment set out in detail particulars of Ian Brady’s clinical history which related to his decision.” ( taken from the website of the House of Lords).

    In Sept. 1999 a telephone call from Dirty Harry’s bar in Amsterdam triggered an inquiry into the running of Ashworth Hospital. The call had come from Stephen Daggett a convicted paedophile who had absconded from Ashworth while on day release. He claimed that pornography was freely available as were drugs. As a result The Fallon Inquiry was set up and in it’s final report the hospital was roundly condemned.
        While there is little reason to believe that Brady is mad his mental health has diminished since going on hunger strike. He recently  (2006) wrote to Winnie Johnson the mother of Keith Bennett a rambling letter complaining of his treatment at the hospital.

     A review of the latest book on the moors murders may be found here.

74 Responses to “Ian Brady and Ashworth Hospital”

  1. Mauricio Montgomery Says:


  2. Teresa Andrew Says:

    I am a lawyer and would like to visit Ian. Since reading about him I gather he has had no visitors for a very long time, surely if this is the case it is in breach of the Human Rights Act, I would very much like to see him.

    Please reply.

    Teresa Andrew

    • leticia Says:

      Hi, Teresa, I just read your post. Did you get to visit Ian Brady after all?
      Do you know if it’s possible to contact him by letter?
      Thanks in advance..

    • leticia Says:

      Hi, Teresa, I just read your post. Did you get to visit Ian Brady after all?
      Do you know if it’s possible to contact him by letter?
      Thanks in advance..

    • Dr Chris Cowley Says:

      I have visited the hospital a number of times. I wouldnt recommend it.


      • Hermann Goring Says:

        To Dr Cowley if that is what you are which i doubt, if this hospital is not good enough to visit how can it be good enough to live there? Ian Brady is not a freak show or an animal, the law of the jungle rules most people at any mention of him, what law rules you, money?

    • Phil Says:

      Human rights my arse, this ogre tortured and murdered children, you have to be human to recieve human rights, should have been executed years ago.

    • I am sure a lot of lawyers would like to visit him, plus Psychologists and Psychiatrists and Nurses etc etc. But there is no hint from you of your thought for Ian Brady – whether HE would like to see YOU or not – however people see him he is still a human being and not a muppet that you can try to work YOUR desire around.

  3. zahid tariq Says:

    burn all the evil bastards in ashworth hospital iccludind ian brady slowly.hope they all suffer very very painfully deaths .

    • Amanda Says:

      I think you saying this clearly shows that you yourself are unstable. I completely disagree with you and feel what Brady did is incredibly wrong but mental illness is a very serious this.

  4. Claire Montague Says:

    Chris have u wortten that book – face to face with brady. I met him years ago. Hes not that interesting!! Is your book any good?? Wheres jackie ogne who was on the other blog?? And carlos??

  5. Dr Chris Cowley Says:

    My book is finished. It will be published in January. I have visted him a number of times, I would not say he is not interesting Clair.


  6. Paddy Burns Says:


    I would like to offer Mr Brady a free holiday. A holiday of his choice in Scotland. The Holiday would be for 3days and 2nights in a hotel or cottage whatever he would prefer. In return he must promise to leave peacefully and return to Ashworth Hospital.

    • lord justice Says:

      i’d like to offer him a holiday aswell in a crematorium where i will stand there and turn the incinerator on while he’s alive in the coffin and i’ll listed to him scream while he burns alive

  7. ESWORRALL Says:

    Ive beenwriting to Ian for a number of monthsnow Ifind him an interesting man and good friend Hes been a tower of strength throughout my Illness and Disability many thanks Ian please eat so you can respond to your treatment properly love samx.

  8. Jackie Powell Says:

    The book about to be published by Chris Cowley is at present subject to much disagreement of what has been printed as fact beware

  9. chris cowley Says:

    Hi. Well the book is now available, and I can assure you there is no disagreement as to it’s factual accuracy. As for visiting him, well, it is not easy, it took me two years of painstaking research and correspondence before I had the opportunity to undertake the first of my six interviews with him.

    Chris Cowley

  10. Minoes Says:

    I’m afraid there are a number of inaccuracies in your book, Dr Cowley. To give just one example: Pauline Reade was murdered on 12 July 1963, not 27 July as you state. You might also be interested in the comments about your book on the Keith Bennett website – I’m sure people would welcome your response.

  11. ACB Says:

    Two years of painstaking research!!!!!!!! Please be serious. If the nonsense about Brady in your book took you two years to research then there really is no hope. Practically everything he is quoted as saying in your book has been said before. If you had researched the subject properly you would have known that. I would agree with the above post, get yourself on the Searching for Keith Bennett website and read the reviews of your book on Amazon as well. Luckily, you cannot con everyone, despite trying to do just that.
    Your book is worthless and I cannot believe you got away with that totally deceptive cover.

  12. delia Says:

    Ian Brady and Myra Hindly were two very disturbed young people who I feel had deep anger and sorrow inside them and grudges against those who had hurt them in their younger years.

    These unresolved issues triggered their desire to be apart from society but also their mutual need for security from eachother.

    Two lost souls who turned their anger towards those more vulnerable than themselves.

    An angry man with dangerous and strange fetishes. Ian Brady had to destroy others as it was the only way he could find pleasure in his sad and bleak world.

    Both of them a product of possible genetic abnormalities, a crude slant on the permissivness of the 1960s and an unsettled childhood.

  13. Dr Chris Cowley Says:

    A couple of points:
    the book is ‘cold’, well, of course it is, it is a book about the psychology of recreational murder, serial killing, the weaknesses of psychological profiling etc (not just related to the Brady case, I cover a number of other case studies in order to develop themes but some people seem to have ignored all of that and just leapt straight to the Brady interviews and quotes in the second part of the book, I wonder what they expected to find).

    The book is too ‘academic’. Well, I’m sorry, I am a forensic psychologist, did you expect a happy ending? I don’t think so. I tried to make the book as readable as I could, not just for the psychology students I work with, but for any reader interested in the topic and the majority of people who have actually read the whole book seem to agree with this.
    As for the grief tourists, well, I am not in the business of trumpeting moral judgements, that is not my place, I just report objective facts from my interviews and correspondence with Brady. What did people expect? me tearing my hair out, beating my bloody fists against the wailing wall? Or perhaps descriptions of Brady in comparable extremis? Well, that is not going to happen. Remorse and compassion do not exist in Brady’s world. It is colder than ice, less than zero.

    I conducted my research and I reported my conclusions as scientifically as I possibly could. Yes it IS cold,it is a tragedy, and anyone who has actually read the book properly will see that. How could it not be when I was interacting with someone like Brady? What I say in the book is the truth. Read it if you are so inclined(it does everything it says on the cover), or not. In some cases it might be probably better if you do not because psychologically it is a disturbing scenario.

    Best wishes

    Dr CKC

    p.s. Minoes, I have not looked at the Keith Bennett website yet because I was told it was just a refueling station for grief tourism. I have no need to read a lot of ranting about my research, I am happy with the positive responses my work has generated in serious forums. Likewise I have not read the ridiculous amazon ‘reviews’ from dissapointed readers hoping for gruesome details about the moors murders. It is not that type of book.
    I was told that one such reviewer actually admitted IN his review that he had not actually read the book! Its just nonsense.

    Life is too short ;)

    • Erica Gregory Says:

      Dear Dr Chris Cowley, please could you contact me direct, I have info you would be interested in , and evidence that you would interest you even more with regards to your book and a certain person, This is personal and I wouldnt want to add this to here, its about our research a letter we have from this person , and facts that have not been looked into by anyone but ourselves. Physical evidence .

    • Januaryice Says:

      I have found that many lecturers or practising F Psychs suffer from narcissism. It looks like you are a case in point. You cannot see beyond your own egocentricism. Your comments about the KB website are a disgrace and you lack sensitivity yourself. Maybe its a case of studying others takes the attention away from your own issues. If I were you, I’d be examining my own coldness before you even attempt to look at someone elses. You come across as a self absorbed up yourself tosser!

  14. ACB Says:

    You are a liar,Dr Cowley! You are also a very arrogant and pompous individual who is so far up himself it is a wonder you have not disappeared. You have read the reviews on Amazon AND YOU HAVE REPLIED TO THEM. One in psrticular, with a thank you message from you, from a foul mouthed reviewer who must have been as drunk on alcohol as you are on your ego. You have also been on the Keith Bennett website to publicise your book and left without making any other comment whatsoever. How dare you say it is a place for ‘Grief tourism.’ You unfeeling jerk!
    Your book is not too academic, do not try fool yourself or anybody else. It is written by a very weird man who had one aim, to make money from Brady and the suffering caused by Brady. Not only that but in such a way as to show you as the disgrace to your profession that you really are.
    You could keep a decent psychologist busy for months trying to sort out your own thoughts and lies about what you have said and done, either on the web or in your pity for Brady and subsequent pityful garbage excuse for a book.
    You got one thing right…life is too short. Life was too short for the victims of Brady and with people like you around to try and get into his head I am not surprised he took you in and spit you out again. You went to visit him with no clue at all and you left with no clue at all. You remain clueless about his crimes and the pain he caused to so many others. I cannot believe you are let free to lecture to other people about your profession. What hope is there? I would suggest there is none at all with the likes of you in such a position.
    I repeat, YOU ARE A LIAR AND A TOTAL JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Januaryice Says:

      Unfortunately there are others like this tosser and frighteningly they are working with offenders when many of them have just the same issues themselves. This man clearly has psychiatric issues . It is not worth listening to his views as he’s just too far up his own arse. There should be some screening though to stop abusers entering into the forensic psychology profession. He should be brought before some sort of hearing as he clearly isn’t fit to be working with offenders.

  15. Minoes Says:

    I am actually quite concerned for you, Dr Cowley, since you seem to be suffering from a quite severe sort of amnesia. You DID visit the Keith Bennett website to post a single publicising your book, as Ab says, and you DID read the posts on Amazon. Why deny it? It’s completely baffling.

    None of the readers who reviewed your book were hoping for gruesome details about Brady’s crimes; they simply took issue with a number of points in your writing. A wise author, and one who wishes to learn more about their craft, should always listen to readers’ views – and if they are not in your favour, then sniping about their motivation is never advisable. A little humility wouldn’t go amiss.

    But ultimately, I think Ab has said all that needs to be said really, in response. Although I disagree with him on you getting only one thing right in your post here; you got two things right – that life is too short (and how you could fail to see the poignancy of that comment in light of the ‘work’ you’ve done amazes me again), but you were also right when you said we might be better off not reading your book.

    And on that issue alone, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  16. Rebecca Says:

    Ummmm…so what was the consensus on writing to him, then? Do you just address it to the hospital c/o Ian Brady?

    • NBX (forwarding this for CKC) Says:

      yes Rebecca. Just send it to Ian Brady, Ashworth Hospital, Liverpool. He might reply, the man is bored to tears in there, but please, please be careful (for a number of reasons).
      Best wishes
      (Dr CK Cowley)

      • Rebecca Says:

        Be careful why? I’m 5000 miles away, what is he going to do? I just want to help him.

  17. sue Says:

    i think ian brady should be allowed to starve himself to death and anyone else for that matter who committe such evil crimes

  18. ABC Says:

    I presume you do not have children or even brothers and sisters, Rebecca. That must be the case if your intention is to try and help someone like Brady.
    If you do have any of the above may I suggest you have a good look at them and give thanks that they never crossed the path of someone like Brady, as the other victims did.
    I am sure your sympathy would be better directed at someone that deserves it.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Actually, yeah. I have a 3 year old son, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. And I did write to Ian, and you know what? I know what he did, I know he has no remorse, but he’s a very nice man. He was very polite to me and I intend to keep writing to him and doing whatever I can to get him out of that place so he can do what he wishes with his life; end it.

      • Gemma Says:

        How the fuck have you got children you absolute RETARD!!!! Fuming how would you feel if he had sex with you’re children! Then killed them. I hope social services find out who you are and take you’re children off you you absolute abomination. Writing to someone who is locked in a mental health hospital because he killed and had sex with children wow you sad Human being!!!! I feel really sorry for your children and would not trust someone that wants to be in contact with such a man to have children. Totally disgusted that there are people like you out there! Are you for real!!!!!!

      • misha Says:

        nice man?! are you for real???!! he brutally cut short the lives of innocent children for his own sadistic pleasure, ending their lives in the most brutal way, so dont fucking tell me he is a ‘nice’ man

  19. ABC Says:

    He can end his life whenever he wants to, but he does not want to. He his happy knowing he has ended the life of innocent children and he can rely on people like you for sympathy despite what he is guilty of.

  20. Rebecca Says:

    Seriously? No, he can’t. Not the way he wants to end it. They’re force feeding him to keep him alive, so he can’t starve himself to death. He doesn’t want my sympathy nor anyone else’s, he just wants to be set free from the world he despises so much.

  21. ABC Says:

    Sorry Rebecca, but you, along with so many others, have fallen for his self-sympathy act. He knows exactly what he is doing and he knows it impresses people like you.
    He is a coward and a liar and always will be. He once told me his own mother was bed-ridden and practically blind but I knew the person who delivered her meals and she was the opposite of how he described her. It will be even easier to lie about himself with all that patient confidentiality.
    He is getting all the nutrients he needs and it is better for him than the way he ate when he had the choice. I know as fact that his health improved at the time of his ‘Forced-feeding.’ If he wanted to leave this world so much he could do it, there is always a way.
    He will welcome you into his world……I prefer the real one.

  22. ABC Says:

    I will also add in reply to your comments about ‘Knowing what he did, showing no remorse and being a very nice man.’ I presume you must then know about the on-going search for one of his victims. A search that he will not help with but is happy to leave the victims family in a state of deep pain and despair.
    He will not talk to the police about it but he will write to the likes of you and others about his own ‘Suffering.’
    What a ‘Nice man.’

  23. Rebecca Says:

    Yeah, I’m aware they’re still looking for Keith Bennett. Pretty sure they essentially called it off in July 2009, when he refused to help again. He says he doesn’t know where the body is. I doubt he does, it was always Myra with whom this kind of information stuck, Ian didn’t care enough to remember.

    He’s never complained about his “suffering” to me. He didn’t talk about any of that. And Jesus Christ, why the hell are you talking about nutrients? He’s not asking for the hospital to serve him better food, he’s asking them to not serve him at all. “The way he ate when he had the choice”? The last time he had a choice in eating, he choice not to. ON PURPOSE.

    Yes, I’m sure he could manage to find some relatively sharp object and take it to his throat, but that’s not how he wants to go. Starvation is the most important to him because of how painful it will be.

    Since you and everyone else think he’s a waste to society anyway, do you want to tell me why you really give a shit if he’s allowed to kill himself or not?

    • misha Says:

      i for one am glad they are keeping him alive against his wishes, letting the fucker die is giving him what he wants

  24. ABC Says:

    ‘Ian didn’t care enough.’ Obviously you don’t either. You really do not have a clue about what has gone on.

  25. Rebecca Says:

    Trust me, I’m informed. There’s postit notes all over my computer about his human rights appeals and the dates of everything that’s every happened. I’m not going to try and make him into someone that he’s not. I’ve never said he’s a good person, ever. All I’ve said is that he deserves the right to die.

    • ABC Says:

      It is strange how many of the people that write to Brady get very uppity and rude when thay realise they are just another person in a long list of people that do or have written to him and are used by him.
      A lot of what has happened and his antics have not been made public and many of his claims are nothing but lies. I know this to be true. I will give you a couple more instances before I finish. A very senior police officer went to see him about some complaints he had made. Brady agreed to see him and said he had no real complaints. A day later, he wrote to the Chief Constable complaining again! He wrote to a newspaper about his treatment and his ‘Illnesses’ at one stage and when this was checked with doctors at the hospital it turned out to be, surprise surprise, a load of lies and at that stage he had never been healthier.
      Anyway, carry on with your obsession and fight for his rights and falling for his lies and deception. Normal people would think of the innocent victims first and be sickened by what he and Hindley did.

    • Gemma Says:

      You’re an absolute disgrace!
      You did say he was “a very nice man and polite” get a GRIP!!!
      You must lead a very sad life postet notes all over your computer do you have a mental health problem???
      You don’t even know him!!

      • Gemma Says:

        This is @Rebecca

      • Rebecca Says:

        Wowwww. Unable to handle a difference of opinion, much?

        Also, if you haven’t heard yet, they’ve approved the decision to give him a mental health review and let him transfer to a prison to end his life as he wishes.

        Guess not everyone is as narrow-minded as you.

      • ABC Says:

        Do you really believe Brady wants to go to prison to end his life? He wants to get out of Ashworth to a medical wing somewhere else because he does not like Ashworth and the poor suffering staff there are totally sick and tired of the moaning, whinging child killer.
        He wants a softer regime where he can continue to abuse the system and the care he gets from medical staff. He will then keep quiet for a while while he settles in and hopes people forget all about his wanting to die crap. Then he will be back to normal and and continue his pathetic lies and sniping at everybody and everything he can think of.
        At the same time he will continue to take in all the empty headed numpties that write to him and sympathise with him.
        WAKE UP!

  26. erica gregory Says:

    please i need to talk to dr chris crowley about an important issue / lead which has been missed . my email is below ,, VERY IMPORTANT . its an issue thats foing to the lawyer of of one of the victims family and involves what the polce seem to hve missed on and what you and others have either not wrote or have missed . thanks Erica Greogory

    • NBX (forwarding this for CKC) Says:

      Hi Erica
      I will help in any way i can. But I need your e-mail address.
      Dr CKC

      • Erica Gregory Says:

        you got in touch thanks , its paul.gregory30@btopenworld.com
        Ive just got through to recieve this message, what we have is very important and I feel you can help us and we you.

      • andriajn1013 Says:

        Dr. Crowley,
        I am a training journalist and currently working on research regarding Ian Brady and the public appeal that will take place. I would be grateful if you could please get in touch as your professional help would contribute greatly. My email is akades@uclan.ac.uk

        Also, anyone that has any information on Ian and the case, please get in touch no matter how insignificant you think the information might be.

        Thank you

  27. erica gregory Says:

    This is an important issue we believe could lead to a closure. thanks

  28. ABC Says:

    I suggest you get in touch with Greater Manchester Police. They are the people to contact.

  29. Martin Says:

    I am 16 and have an interest in serial killers, I would like to vist Ian Brady or write him a letter, I have the address for Ashworth Hospital but I’m not sure if it’s correct, and I’m not sure if we will be allowed to exchange letters because of my age. Could somebody help me with this and email me what you think?


  30. Erica Gregory Says:

    Hi a message for Dr Chris Cowley I responsded to you reply 20th November for some reason didnt get an email saying you had, my email is paul.gregory30@btopenworld.com. I have some very important issues many have issed and need to talk to you. thanks

  31. Mal Says:

    Anybody who wishes to know or heip Brady is sick. He should have been put down years ago.

  32. teamteapot Says:

    Wow Rebecca – so he’s a really nice child rapist and killer? So glad that you haven’t been ‘sucked in’ like the rest of the world into believing he’s a cold hearted murderer. I wonder if you would still feel the same way if it was your child he had killed? Would you still want everyone to bow to what Brady wants then? Why should the world show him any more consideration than he showed his victims? Those poor children didn’t get to choose how to die so why should Brady?

  33. Martin Says:

    I’m interested in writing letters to Ian but I have questions about how I should doing this, my email is metalfanmartin1995@googlemail.com

  34. Carrie Says:

    It is absolutely beyond the comprehension of most decent people, why someone, like Rebecca, would care to make any kind of sympathetic comments for someone such as Ian Brady! Don’t people like Rebecca have any kind of life? How can you be so stupid as to believe anything a child sex abuser and killer has to say? Why are people like Rebecca, concerned about his rights to dying the way he wants? What rights? He gave up those rights after sexually abusing and cutting the throat, before strangling, his child victim. And in case you mindless people like Rebecca don’t get it! He is in prison for life because that was the punishment he brought on himself through his most inhumane and despicable acts; he doesn’t get to choose the way he leaves this world (just like his child victims didn’t get to choose the way they were taken out of this world by Ian Brady!). But maybe too bad he wasn’t tried in a place where he would have most definitely received the death penalty, but he wasn’t, he received life and he should serve it without being given any consideration for what he wants. By the way: A little something to think on for Rebecca et al: The graveyards are full of numbskulls like you, who though they could champion the cause for the criminally insane, or the just plain evil people, like Brady.

  35. Alan Gray Says:

    I actually came on here to do some light research.

    I find it astonishing that there seem to be educated people posting here,who do not know the workings and machinations of a sociopath.

    Brady could and probably does ,intellectually chew up and spit out some of the responders on this thread .

    I am sure there are plenty of neurotics who find him fascinating and of course, he would revel in this.

    He is an abomination, a broken machine with a defective cerebral cortex .

    Nothing fascinating about him as a person .

    What brought me here was a wish to find out more about his living conditions for a psychology essay I am writing.

    I have to say that some of the naivety I have found in reading the content posted here astounding.

    There are no words I could use to describe the utter contempt I feel for him as a human being.

    It may seem extreme but for me, all psychopaths should be euthanized, they can contribute nothing useful to human society other than pain and suffering .

  36. Dorothy Says:

    I would like to visit mr brady to try and understand what he did and why

  37. Kirsty Says:

    Ian should of died today the sick fucker and if I was a doctore I would chop his dick off and let him bleed to death hope he rot in hell

  38. Erica Gregory Says:

    I still need to speak to Dr Chris Cowley with regards to important information and have yet to get an email. this is urgent, Dr Chris Cowley I need to speak. We have been trying to contact you. paul.gregory30@btopenworld.com can the person who got in touch NBX, can you ask Dr Cowley to get in touch .

  39. tasja Says:

    Dr Chris Cowley, would appriciate if you would email me tasja2@hotmail.co.uk i read a lot about Ian Brady, i want too meet him, how would i do that?

  40. I am no longer certain where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I must spend a while finding out much more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I was searching for this info for my mission.

  41. lou Says:

    I believe that Ian Brady does not got the choice to die as his victims did not get a chance to live their lives to the full, they did not want to die yet they had no choice. so therefore Ian Brady does not have a choice, he should of got death instead of life…

  42. Mark timoney Says:

    Dr Chris are you on twitter ?? And what happened on the sky interview today ?

  43. kerry harrison Says:

    is it possible to write him now? i just want to have some meaning to my own life. id write him everyday if he would let me..

  44. Anonymous Says:

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    of the blogger lovers however this paragraph is in fact
    a pleasant post, keep it up.

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